How to Bring Character Into a White Kitchen

Four tips to elevate a classic design style.

10 June –

How to Bring Character Into a White Kitchen
How to Bring Character Into a White Kitchen
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A white kitchen embodies timeless elegance and a clean aesthetic, but it can easily slip into feeling generic without the right design choices.

In the ten years of Studio McGee, we’ve learned that people have strong opinions about an all-white kitchen. People either love them or hate them. Our take is that all-white kitchens can be stunning, simplified, and sophisticated if done right. We love classic selections paired with unique details that make the space come to life, and this design philosophy is never more evident than in a white kitchen. Here we are sharing four tips to bring character to a white kitchen, ensuring it doesn’t fall flat and feels thoughtfully designed. Along with those tips, we are sharing four different kitchens from the Studio McGee design portfolio, and you may notice the design elements overlap.


Natural Tone Island

While a white kitchen provides a bright and airy foundation, it can benefit from the addition of natural textures and warm accents. In the McGee Home, Shea chose to stain her kitchen island a custom, rich brown. The warmth of the wood adds a beautiful contrast to the white, making the kitchen feel more dynamic. The pantry door also brings in a natural wood tone and a lot of texture to give the space character.


Architectural Elements

Architectural details can instantly elevate the look of a white kitchen. In the project below, we designed a beautiful swooping hood with a curved-detail quartz backsplash which tie into the oval window. All of these design details add interest to the space and spice up an all-white aesthetic.


Contrast Color Pantry

When designing a white kitchen, the pantry is the perfect place to incorporate a contrasting color. In the Hilltop Estate project, when you look through the windows of the vintage pocket door you see this really great contrast from the dark pantry cabinets. These are the type of design choices that will take a white kitchen to the next level.


Furniture-Like Cabinetry

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and its design should reflect a blend of functionality and character. One way to achieve this is by designing cabinetry that resembles a piece of furniture. In the Mountainside Retreat project, Shea and the design team created cabinetry that looks like a hutch with glass-front doors above the counter and drawers below the counter. When designing a white kitchen, opt for paneled appliances and custom cabinetry that appear like high-end furniture.

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10 June