How to Style Pantry Shelves for the Holidays

We love a good excuse for a design theme. The holidays are just the reason you need to restyle the pantry shelves.

08 November 2022 -

We deck the halls and trim the trees, why not style our kitchen pantry shelves? One of our favorite things about the holidays is the opportunity to get out that holiday-centric serveware that doesn’t see a lot of table time during the rest of the year—or invest in some new pieces that bring the holidays into your home. Watch here as Shea guides us through the how-tos of restyling your kitchen pantry shelves to reflect the holidays 

We like to set out serveware that speaks to the color palette of the season,” Shea notes. “This spongeware bowl is beautiful. The color palette is rich and warm, and it fills the space nicely. We also set out this platter. I’m not one to put words on the wall, but I do feel like the holidays [are] the perfect time to do a theme in small doses.” 

“We look for opportunities to add in wreaths whenever we can. Adding some ribbon to it goes a long way. If you have open shelving this works really well, but if you have closed, I think hanging a wreath over a door is great too,” Shea notes.  

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Date Posted
08 November 2022