How to Style a Beautiful Bed

A Studio McGee guide on how to build a bed that feels and lives well.

10 January

How to Style a Beautiful Bed
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We’re firm believers in the idea that it’s the little things that make the most significant difference and when it comes to your bed, the place you spend the majority of your life, this couldn’t be more true.

Here at Studio McGee, we get a lot of questions about the building blocks of styling, from shelves to kid’s rooms, but the one we receive the most is regarding how to style a bed.

It isn’t just about sourcing quality bedding, but it starts there. Whether we’re sourcing bedding pieces for our clients or designing products with McGee & Co., we are always considering the smallest of details. The bedding we love and use the most is made to look beautiful and retain this quality well after the first wash.

Building a great bed look is all about knowing your materials, mixing textures, working in a cohesive color palette, and layering for extra warmth and dimension. There are so many ways to do it, but in this post, we’re sharing our tried-and-true method that will work for almost any space. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your bedding pieces and curating your own bedroom look.


Don’t skimp on the base

First things first, creating a base that prioritizes comfort is essential. This is the main contact point for your body, so make it something that will feel good every time you end your day crawling into them. We like to start with crisp, soft sheets with a slight element of high design.

Great sheet sets that hold their quality wash after wash is all about the materials used. Whether you love the cooling effects of a linen blend, the soft feeling of bamboo, or luxurious sateen, each of our McGee & Co. sheet sets were designed with practicality and draping in mind to give you both form and function.

When it comes to pillows, Sateen Goose Down pillows are our team’s go-to. Filled with European White Goose Down, they are as durable as they are comfortable. We like to use two pillows on the bottom and two shams on top to coordinate with the bedding look.


Layer, layer, layer

Next, we add a duvet, a quilt, or a combination of both to create a comfortable setting that is capable of functioning in a variety of climates and body temperatures. We tend to use a duvet as our main layer and fold a quilt at the bottom, but there are many ways to arrange the look to suit your personal style and sleeping habits.

Incorporating a plethora of textures and tones will always lend a more relaxed and elevated feeling when mixing bedding pieces, especially in a neutral palette. For example, if our client loves bamboo sheets, we might add a linen duvet cover with a cotton quilt on top. This pops some dimension into the overall look and feel. Adding some variation in hue (even if it’s monochromatic) lends a more interesting look as well. If you’re going for a minimal palette, look for grays, beiges, browns, or even a subtly patterned coverlet or duvet to bring in a few different tones


Not everything needs to have a function

When it comes to styling your bed, not everything needs to have a specific function. It’s ok (and better!) to add in a toss pillow that you’ll never actually lay your head on, or a throw effortlessly draped over the side that doesn’t actually provide all that much warmth. Adding these style-specific elements is what gives a bed that can’t-wait-to-jump-in, hotel-like feeling. So go ahead and style it just as you would a shelf.

Styling tips for the extras? Whether it’s a stacked pyramid look or a simple long lumbar, adding a collection of throw pillows brings more dimension by adding texture, pattern, or color. Keep the palette neutral and mix textures instead or go for a playful mix of patterns.

We love incorporating throws at the end of the bed draped or folded to soften the look and add a new element of visual interest. Look for throws in luxurious materials like cashmere or heavy knits to elevate any bedding combination, like the raised bauble and pointelle weave of the Bauble Wool Throw.

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10 January