How to Style a Bed: Our Guide
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How to Style a Bed: Our Guide

Our top tips.

We’re firm believers in the idea that the little things make the most significant difference 

and when it comes to bedding, this couldn’t ring truer. Our team gets a lot of questions about the building blocks of styling, and one of the most common ones is regarding how to style a bed. 

There are so many ways to do it, but in this post, we’re sharing our tried-and-true method that will work for almost any space. 

Keep scrolling to read our tips and find inspiration for styling your own bed!  

How to Style a Bed: Our Guide

From our Beckham Project

No. 1: Layer soft sheets and woven throws to create a base. 

First things first, creating a base of comfort for your bedding is essential. We like to start with crisp, soft sheets with a slight designer-detail to elevate the experience, adding a woven throw or quilt to bring texture and warmth. 

How to Style a Bed: Our Guide
How to Style a Bed: Our Guide

From our Beckham Project

Elevated basics

Start with soft and crisp sheets to elevate the look and feel of your space.
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No. 2: Fold in soft duvets or quilts 

Next, we add a duvet, a quilt, or a combination of both to create a comfortable setting. We tend to use a duvet as our main layer and fold a quilt at the bottom, but there are many ways to rearrange the look. 

From the McGee & Co Winter Catalogue of 2020

How to Style a Bed: Our Guide

From our Cove Remodel

Designer-detailed duvets

Mix, match, and fold layers for coziness.
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No. 3: Add pillows and shams 

When it comes to pillows, Sateen Goose Down pillows are our team’s go-to. Filled with European White Goose Down, they are as durable as they are comfortable. We like to use two pillows on the bottom and two shams on top to coordinate with the bedding look.  

From our Rye NY Project

From our Layered Coastal Netflix Bedroom Remodel

A soft place to land

Coordinate your bedding look with soft pillows and shams.
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No. 4: Bring dimension with mixed pillows 

Now it’s time for the fun part! Whether it’s a stacked pyramid look or a simple long lumbar, adding throw pillows brings more dimension to any bedding look by adding texture, pattern, or color. 

From our SM Ranch House

From our PC Contemporary Project

Favorite throw pillows

Mix and match throw pillows to add pattern and texture.
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No. 5: Complete the look with a soft throw 

Lastly, adding a throw to the bottom of a bedding look adds an extra hint of texture and functionality for cooler nights or mid-day naps.

How to Style a Bed: Our Guide

From our Modern Lake House 

From our PC Contemporary Project

Textural throws

Complete the look with a soft throw.
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