How to Organize a Kid’s Room
07/18 Design Tips

How to Organize a Kid’s Room

We’re sharing our tips on how to keep your kids’ rooms clean and clutter-free without infringing on playtime.

Organizing a kid’s room doesn’t have to be complicated! 

Childhood is magic, but it can sometimes be a bit messy. From nursery age to those beautiful (and sometimes long!) toddler years, there is nothing better than watching our littles explore the world around them. Designing a space that allows them to do just that—all while keeping it clean—can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, it all comes down to a few good organization techniques.  

With a few simple tricks, you can keep your kids’ rooms beautiful and clean without infringing on play time. We’re sharing four of our go-to tips for organizing a kid’s room, making whimsical afternoons of imaginative play a bit less overwhelming after those make-believe dragons are slayed.  

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“My hope when designing a kid’s space is to create a room with personality and interest, but that also stands the test of time.”

- Shea McGee
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No. 1: Give everything a place  

With kids, every day is a play day. It can make their rooms a bit of a mess as they use their imaginations throughout the day, but that mess is nothing that can’t be tackled with some planning. Designate a space for each of their toys and knick-knacks, making cleaning up a little easier.  

From our McGee & Co. 2022 Kids Collection

No. 2: Embrace built-ins and bookshelves 

Whether it’s a set of simple wooden blocks or a beloved stuffed animal, some of our kids’ things deserve to be displayed. We love incorporating these pieces into bookshelves, cabinets, or built-ins. Not only do they bring more personality to the space and allow kids to feel represented, but it also keeps things cohesive and elevated. 

Display Their Favorites

Cabinets are a beautiful way to add both closed and open storage to the room.
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No. 3: Use jars and baskets 

Placing textural baskets and decorative jars throughout the room not only gives the space a thoughtful, collected feel, but it also expands your storage space. Giving everything from beaded bracelets to small toys a home, jars keep surfaces clear while baskets house all the extra textiles and toys that would otherwise lie around the room.  

From The McGee Home

No. 4: Clear out the clutter 

When organizing kids’ spaces, sometimes there just isn’t room for everything. Our recommendation? Stick to the spaces you’ve dedicated for storage, and if their things are growing beyond that, begin clearing out pieces they no longer use. Rather than continuing to add to the room, it’s helpful to pare back and keep only the things that make your little one’s lives (and their space) beautiful.  

A Space for Everything

Layer textures and storage into the space with baskets that tie the room together.
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