How to Mix Multiple Rugs in One Space

A few fool-proof looks for inspiration

25 June 2021 -

While we love open-concept spaces…

curating pieces that flow together within them can be tricky, especially when mixing multiple rugs in one space.  

After designing quite a few open-concept spaces, we’ve come up with a few fool-proof rug combinations that typically play well together.  

Here are a few of our favorite well-blended rug looks and why they work:

The Jute + The Geometric 

This combination is one of our favorites, and it’s pretty simple. Jute rugs are a great neutralizer, and they pair well with pretty much anything, but something about rugs with geometric patterns like stripes or repeating lines paired with these textured beauties just works. 

From our Cove Remodel

From our Calabasas Remodel

From our Pine Brook Home

Jute Rugs

Geometric patterned rugs

The Organic + The Minimal 

Organic patterns are patterns with movement, often inspired by nature and multi-colored, and we love pairing them with muted, neutral counterparts to let them shine. 

From our Cove Remodel

From our SM Ranch House

From The Crestview House

Organic patterned rugs

Minimal rugs

The Geometric + The Organic 

We love the contrast of geometric prints paired with organic patterns or shapes, whether it’s a sculptural cowhide or a vintage rug, pair it with something streamlined or angular, and you have a perfect match! 

From The McGee Home

From our Modern Lake House

Geometric patterned rugs

Organic patterned rugs

Date Posted
25 June 2021