How To Layer Holiday Decor

Our design team’s tricks for bringing the holidays into your home.

19 October 2022 -

Introducing the holidays into your home is a beloved tradition to many, and to just as many, it’s an intimidating process often met with design results not so beloved. Not to worry, Shea and our design team are here to help with a step-by-step guide on how to achieve a perfectly layered holiday look. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know for holiday layering done right.   


Start with an empty table, whether it be your entryway console, your coffee table, or a sideboard. Next, introduce a background piece of hanging art that will center the entire display once it’s complete. It’s best to keep this piece more subdued with a repeated pattern versus a landscape or anything more detailed. Add lighting and a leaning piece of art that is a clear opposite of the hanging art, like a gold frame against a black one. 


Using yet again a contrasting piece of art, lean a smaller piece against the first one, then add some vessels, a basket or some sort of textural element that will later be filled with textiles to bring some warmth into the holiday look. And a stack of books is always a good idea.  


Placing a small curiosity at the top of your stack of books breaks up the hard edges and adds visual interest. Start to layer in smaller elements now that you have the larger pieces in place, like ornaments in a bowl or a small wreath hooked on one of the leaning frames. This step is about merging form with function. Dried florals are a great way to introduce a sense of hominess while offering some longevity. It’s always a bummer watching your favorite seasonal blooms wither away. The addition of a candle is twofold, offering delightfully cozy vibes and introducing scent into your design scheme.    


Soft textiles are so seasonal, a nod to the colder months where warmth and coziness is key. Having them drape outside of a woven basket gives a lived-in feel, like nothing is too precious or not meant to be touched. And lastly, it’s the holidays, bring in that wreath and tree. One wrapped in burlap or sitting in a textural pot gives that time-worn character that we love. Objects that feel like they tell a story are some of our favorites around the holiday season.   

Date Posted
19 October 2022