How to Design a Christmas Tree Theme

Shea’s fool-proof guide for curating a one-of-a-kind design on the focal point of your holiday décor.

14 November 2022 -

It can be difficult to know where to start once you’ve got the fir, the evergreen, the spruce, the pine—or the faux—set up in your home. The base is set and you have the fluffiest side facing out, now what? Shea, being the styling expert that she is, has you covered. The one thing to remember here is that designing your Christmas tree is a lot like styling any other space in your home. The same styling rules apply, like focus on layers, texture, color, and scale. Follow along in the webisode below as Shea shares a few tips to elevate the design of your Christmas tree, along with additional tips and tricks for introducing holiday décor throughout the rest of your home this winter season.

 No. 01 | Go maximal with your tree

 No. 02 | Pick a color palette

 No. 03 | Add in old-school elements

“This year we have added more to our tree styling — we are a little more maximal with a lot of different things happening.”

-Shea McGee

Tip No. 01 | Go maximal with your tree

When decorating this year’s Christmas tree, “we did dried baby’s breath, little dried oranges, ribbons, and two different garlands,” Shea explains. The key here is to incorporate multiple layers and textures. The dried elements bring in a naturalistic texture, helping to make a faux tree feel more alive if you go that route. Shea used two types of garland—the Gray Wooden Beaded Garland and the Natural Wooden Beaded Garland from McGee & Co.—for a look that drives home the idea that this year is all about going big. Top the whole thing with a slew of your favorite ornaments for an elevated and layered vibe that is unique to your home alone.

Tip No. 02 | Pick a color palette

“I like to set a foundation with bauble ornaments,” says Shea of the way she establishes and follows a fixed color scheme. Ornaments, whether new each year or heirloom, are the perfect way to establish a color theme for your tree. If you’re an heirloom user, only bring out a certain set or group each year that way they feel new when using them year after year. This year, Shea used the Noel Festive Ornaments from McGee & Co. to give a moodier quality to the tree, introducing shades like a rusty red, a deep green, and taupe. Pops of navy, silver, white, and brass round out the look.

Tip No. 03 | Add in old-school elements

“I am so excited about the candles we added to the tree this year. They’ve got a great glow and give an old-school feel,” says Shea of the LED Candle Lights from McGee & Co. The what-we-used-before-electricity quality of these lights is just the thing you need to get the cozy and snug feels of a winter holiday cabin. For additional vintage vibes, try adding worn brass bells and wooden or paper ornaments. It’s also the perfect chance to mix and match new and old ornaments for an eclectic, lived-in look.

How to Design a Christmas Tree Theme

Date Posted
14 November 2022