How to Choose Artwork for Each Room of the Home

25 August 2022 -

Artwork is such a beautiful way to bring extra warmth and personality into your space. 

It fills walls purposefully by creating thoughtful focal points, all with ample palette and texture that contribute to the room in more ways than one. Finding artwork that works for each space can sometimes be intimidating, but fortunately, there are a few simple considerations that make it much, much easier.  

We’re sharing our tips for five of the main areas of your home and giving you insight into how we choose the perfect piece for each space.  

The Entryway  

When considering artwork for your entryway, you want to look for a piece that can be used to balance the space. That balance can come in the form of size, palette, texture, or even subject. Large, framed pieces create a focal point right as you walk inside, so you’ll typically want to look for medium to large-sized pieces for this area.  

We’ve chosen a piece with organic, whimsical lines in its tonal depiction of trees. Even the subject of the artwork can balance the entryway, and this piece adds an extra layer of movement and tonal warmth that invites you inside. 

The Great Room  

Much like the entryway, artwork in the Great Room can create a focal point for the room. However, because this is a primary living space in the home, you’ll want to take this opportunity to really infuse personality in the room.  

Find a piece of artwork that tells a story, highlighting places, feelings, or subjects that are significant to you. Because this space is so large, you’ll want to look for pieces that can either hold their own in size or be layered into an appropriately balanced vignette.  

We love to highlight artwork in this space by incorporating medium or large pieces onto the mantel, and using smaller pieces in built ins.  

The Bedroom  

Your bedroom is a place in the home that should feel particularly serene, so layer it with artwork that makes it feel like a retreat. Choose subject matter that evokes feelings of contemplation or calm, looking for pieces that complement the overall palette of the room.  

While adding a primary piece of artwork over the bed is one of our favorite ways to tie the bedroom together, it’s also fun to add small, framed pieces to the nightstand. This is a great opportunity to incorporate personal photos and layer in texture with frames, but you can also use small pieces of artwork.  

The Kitchen  

The kitchen is such a beautiful place to layer in small to medium sized artwork. Whether it’s in the pantry or on open shelving, this is a great place to incorporate vintage artwork and bold frames. Still lifes are especially perfect for the kitchen, so if you’re feeling stumped, that’s a great place to start.  

Prop artwork up on easels or next to greenery and lamps on countertops, or layer it in with serveware in cabinets or open shelving. It instantly adds warmth to the space.  


As you create decorative vignettes throughout the home, artwork is a key component that can make them feel especially thoughtful. Add small pieces to stacks of books, or give the artwork its own space by using an easel.  

If you’re creating a small seating space or larger vignette, consider stacking artwork or hanging it in a grid. This makes a simple, one-off nook or seating space feel complete and intentional, all while carrying your color palette through the home.  

Date Posted
25 August 2022