How our Team is Refreshing our Homes For Spring

Here's how we're making our spaces lighter & brighter

04 March 2021 -

There’s something about the first signs of spring that make us want to refresh our surroundings and create new moments in our spaces.

As we tell the story of each new season in our homes, we consider ways to reflect the natural elements in every corner.

Here’s how our team is transitioning our homes to embody spring:

“Brining in lighter-weight textiles is a great way to refresh for Spring. Swap out heavy winter throws for something lighter, like linen. Spring also means spring branches! Spring branches are by far my favorite styling item. I love the organic shape and life they bring to a space.

I also love listening to sunny music as I get ready for spring. I love adding songs like Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles and Beautiful Day by U2 to my playlists. It’s a great way to get in the mood for spring. Also adding more color and stripes to my wardrobe. Pink is my new favorite color to wear.”- Jen Paul, Stylist. 

“I love re-styling different vignettes around my home to bring the feeling of a new season to my space. Adding greenery with an interesting, sculptural shape, coffee table books that bring personality and new hues, and vintage finds to corral objects are a few of my go-to styling tricks.” – Kristine Metcalf, VP of Creative.

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“I’m very into optimizing outdoor activities no matter what season it is so whenever I’m transitioning to a new season, I like to make sure I have the gear I need to get outside and have fun ready to go and accessible. As winter ends and spring is coming, I will start planning how to store my skis and snowshoes out of sight and pack my accessible shelves with camping gear, bike helmets, rollerblades, and dog frisbees.  

Seeing it all out helps me get excited for new activities and warm weather. I know this isn’t exactly design-related, but I think the takeaway for me is to organize your home in a way that energizes you and makes you excited to participate in each new day.” – Laura Smith, Visual Content Producer 

“I love to garden, so for me, the process of turning my beds over from their winter protection to a fresh landscape ready for new growth is always so gratifying! I wash my gloves, and clean/sharpen my tools so that they are ready to work. I turn in the mulch I had over-wintering to protect the soil, and see if it needs any other add-ins for nutrients. I am a designer at heart, so I always draw up a plan to configure the plants within my beds (and usually end up building a few new ones each year). 

I keep a journal about which varieties grew well last year, note good companion plantings, and keep sketches of where things were planted before to make sure I move around the different varieties I grow. Many people think of winter as lifeless and cold, but it is a really important part of the cycle in gardening; a time of regeneration and rest. I love when spring finally arrives, and I see the fresh new potential laid out before me in an empty plot of soil.” – Alana Mackey, designer.  

“Adding a few fresh-cut flowers is my favorite way to introduce a new season. I’m not a flower expert, but I aim for an organic shape. I try to move quickly though, just to avoid my family catching me mid-mess and I think I accidentally end up achieving that perfectly imperfect arrangement.” –  Tawnee Madlen, VP of Marketing.

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“I just stocked up on citrus and put them in a big, light wood bowl on my dining table. Makes everything feel bright, and I love the color it gives my dining space!” – Katie Calton, Copywriter. 

“For spring, I love opening my windows to let natural light in & light a candle to refresh my home. I also love starting a garden! A good deep house cleaning will really help dive into spring as well. – Alexa Auwen, Customer Experience Representative.

“When I think about getting ready for spring, I think about spending time in the kitchen and experimenting with brighter flavors that embody warmer weather. These lemon bars are a family favorite, and they’re also gluten-free!” Elsa Riboldi, Visual Merchandiser

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“My favorite way to do a spring refresh in my house is by changing scents. In the winter, I lean towards more woodsy scents and love to change to a brighter, fresh scent for spring!” – Ali Ames, Designer.

 “I love to make things feel like spring by doing a big refresh on my front porch. I love picking out a new doormat, adding some fresh flowers on each side of the door, and a new wreath. The warmth from the front door welcoming you each day gets me excited for that springtime weather. – Jessica Mecham, Fulfillment Manager

What’s your favorite way to transition your home to spring? Tell us in the comment section below!

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04 March 2021

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