Holiday Trends to Try in 2021

A few things to try this year

01 November 2021 -

The holiday season is near… 

and whether you prefer to decorate early November or wait until the last bit of Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten, gathering inspiration for decking the halls beforehand always makes the process a little more enjoyable. 

Although we re-use our holiday decor from year to year, we like to find new ways to display our favorite heirloom items and refresh our vignettes each season. This year, we’re excited to mix up our styling by finding unique ways to approach classic seasonal decor. 

Here are a few holiday styling trends we love for 2021:   

No. 1: Putting greenery in unexpected places 

While greenery is always associated with the holiday season, we’re excited to style our garlands and wreaths in unexpected places this year. We love the look and feel of greenery on the kitchen hood, draped over a piece of furniture or doorframe, or even hung on a mirror!  

From our Holiday Collection at McGee & Co.

No. 2: Using multiples to make a statement  

Styling repetitive holiday elements is a great way to make a statement in any holiday vignette. We love using repetitive wreaths, trees in groupings on a mantel, or a pair of holiday décor items. One easy way to make multiples feel dynamic is by using one small piece and one slightly larger piece of the same item side by side. 

From our Holiday Collection at McGee & Co.

No. 3: Styling ornaments in unique ways 

Although ornaments are typically used on trees, we love seeing them styled in unique ways. This year, we’re styling ours in bowls, adding them to stockings for extra personality, and even using smaller ornaments as the finishing touch on our gifts wrapped under the tree! 

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No. 4: Combining + mixing garlands  

When it comes to garlands, two is better than one! Combining and mixing your holiday garlands is a great way to make your greenery look and feel interesting. Whether you mix two different types of faux garlands to get a natural, textured look, or you add real clippings to your faux garland, you can’t go wrong with adding a little more dimension.  

From our Holiday Collection at McGee & Co

No. 5: Muted holiday tones  

We love a neutral seasonal look, but this year, we’re looking forward to bringing back some of the classic holiday colors in muted, deep tones inspired by our surroundings. Moody pine greens and mulled-wine reds inspire our textiles and décor accents to create a cozy, wintery environment.   

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Date Posted
01 November 2021