holiday mocktails styled

A Mocktail Meant for the Holidays

Orange, juniper, ginger, and cloves, all the ingredients needed for a “warm inside” holiday mocktail recipe.

12 December 2022 -

We love feeling cozy during the coldest months of the year, and a mocktail (alcohol free!) that can warm from the inside out does just the trick. It’s an extra bonus that this one is stunning in its finality, proving that design comes in many forms. Cheers! And thank you, Andrew Call, for the Nowhere To Be recipe.

mocktail recipe

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syd and shea making drink
syd making mocktail
shea adding finishing details to drink
shea with drinks
finished mocktails
shea and syd with drinks
finished mocktails
shea and syd dancing
Date Posted
12 December 2022