Hilltop Estate Project: Kitchen & Pantry

Part three of our five-week series exploring every corner of our latest design project, the Hilltop Estate. Today, we look inside the kitchen and pantry.

10 October 2022 -

Today we arrive in the heart of the home, the kitchen. Creating consistency from the entry and formal dining space, Shea and the design team chose to continue the vaulted, wood stain ceilings into the kitchen, a design choice that creates a natural flow throughout the home. For a more contemporary look, a mixture of raised and flat cabinetry was used throughout, topped with chunky brass hardware. The finishing touch? A stunning Calacatta marble countertop that is carried up the backspace for a statement design moment. Check out webisode two. Shea guides us through the design choices of the Hilltop Estate’s kitchen and pantry.  

“The marble slab took a lot of hunting to get it just right. It incorporates all the tones in the kitchen, and it feels really organic. I love it. It’s the perfect look for a classic kitchen.”

-Shea McGee

This kitchen is full of luxury moments, where attention to detail and unique choices create a one-of-a-kind kitchen. In the photo tour below, check out some of the special moments, like the kitchen’s steel windows which were notched into the marble for a smooth profile. “It’s a detail I geek out over,” Shea notes. Another custom moment is the apron-front farmhouse sink’s marble drip edge, an upgraded version of the wood varieties most commonly seen. We could go on and on… the vintage pocket pantry door, the stove… that stove! See for yourself below.  

The pantry is a departure from the main kitchen space through the use of color, as seen through the windows of the vintage pocket door. “I loved the idea of looking through the glass to this moody pantry. We didn’t want to do everything the same color, so we went with this charcoal grey that has a bit of a blue undertone,” explains Shea. The color, Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams, pairs perfectly with a patterned paint tile backsplash and a veined soapstone countertop.

If you have a space in a pantry where only one narrow cabinet can fit, choose to introduce a section of floating shelves instead. It’s a good place to display some of your prettier cookware and eliminates a cramped cabinet that isn’t easily utilized.


Date Posted
10 October 2022