Highlights from Our Summer Collection with Threshold for Target

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10 May 2022 -

It’s almost time to refresh our homes for summer!  

Our Summer ’22 collection with Target for Threshold is officially available to shop in stores and online, and we couldn’t be more excited about the pieces we get to share this season. Our team was lucky to go back to a home we designed almost five years ago to style a few of our favorite additions, and we are sharing all the spaces here. Watch the webisode below for a behind-the-scenes look and keep scrolling for some summer styling inspiration! 

At the front door 

Since a front door look only includes a few pieces, we want each of them to make an impact. We designed the front door pieces to layer and pair together for simple styling. Each piece works together to create a welcoming feeling before you even walk in the door, from the layered doormats to seasonally inspired wreaths. 

"I love the layered doormat look, and I love the single-stripe detail that runs through the Indoor / Outdoor Scatter Rug."

- Shea McGee

In the entryway 

The entryway is all about merging beauty and utility to create a look and feel that is equal parts inviting and functional. We grounded this look with a console table and rug and then layered in the accents that bring it to life: a cozy bench to make putting shoes on a breeze, a mirror to check yourself before you head out the door, a lamp, a basket for storage, and a few decor accents. 

"I am obsessed with The Novelty Tote Basket and its cute open stripe detail. I am going to style it under my console table and carry it around all summer everywhere from the beach to the store.”

- Shea McGee

In the living room  

In the living room, we were going for a light and airy vibe that feels like summer by incorporating a lot of textures, neutrals, and a few highlights of color through the pillows and decor. When refreshing your space for summer, focus on clearing your space and layering in lightweight materials and tones.

"One thing I love about this collection is that a lot of the decor has a really heavy weight, making it feel more high-end and substantial."

- Shea McGee

Highlights from Our Summer Collection with Threshold for Target

Date Posted
10 May 2022