Happy Birthday Shea!

A secret Q&A with Shea's mom!

06 July 2020 -

Today (well actually, yesterday) was a very special day here at Studio McGee because it was our very own, Shea McGee’s birthday! 

Our team has been conspiring in secret to put something fun together, and today we have a first time guest on this blog for a Q&A: Shea’s mom!  

We asked Mrs. Miller about everything from Shea’s childhood bedroom, to what her first impression was of Syd, and you won’t want to miss her answers! 

Happy Birthday Shea!

Shea with her mom after her  two day bedroom transformation!

Shea with her mom after her two day bedroom transformation!

Everyone knows that Shea is an incredible interior designer, but the pretty pictures you see on Instagram only scratch the surface of her talents. 

Our contractor Tyler with Killowen Construction said it best when he said:

“You really get to know someone when you build their house, and Shea was so down to earth, patient, and kind throughout the whole process, which says a lot.” 

Happy birthday, Shea! We couldn’t be luckier to get to help make your vision come to life every day!

When Shea was little, what did you think Shea was going to be when she grew up? 

I don’t think I had anything specific in mind, but she was, out of the gate, a very independent little girl. She would always tell us “Do myself!” and swat her hands away, so we knew she was going places. She was really independent; she was actually like a mini adult; she probably doesn’t like me saying that, but she kind of was. We were really in awe of her because she was so mature for her age.

Happy Birthday Shea!

 Did you always know Shea had an eye for design?

Yes, but I probably started really noticing her freshman year of college when she first had her own space to delve into and make special. Those were good mother-daughter moments for us because I too loved decorating and I could see she had a knack for it then, I was really excited. I remember us decorating her dorm room together, we started with a quilt from Pottery Barn and then we took it from there. We had plants, shams, and we even strung up little lights!

Happy Birthday Shea!

We just shared the girls, Ivy and Wren’s rooms, what did Shea’s childhood room look like?

I can’t believe I still remember this, but I got this Ralph Lauren quilt, and I had a Chambray dust ruffle and matching pillows made. It was in the era where the yellow and red color scheme was in, so I had these red and white gingham curtains made, and painted the walls a soft butter yellow. 

Happy Birthday Shea!

What did you think of Syd when you first met him?

Oh, I was instantly on team Syd! He won me over quick. Really, he fascinated me; he just seemed so comfortable in his skin. He told me he was sewing these tote bags, and I was like wow, how creative! I remember him helping her move into her dorm room, and he was wearing these girls skinny jeans. I was like “Who is this guy?” But he was so comfortable with himself, and I loved him for it. 

Happy Birthday Shea!

Who is Shea more like, her mom or her dad?

She’s kind of a mix of both of us, but I like to say she is more like me. We’ve always been very close, and we will even buy the same clothes without telling each other. I love to create things just like she does, I garden, and I have always had a love for design, she’s just more brave and courageous than me.

IMG_6565 3.JPG

What is the thing you are most proud of Shea for in her design career?

She just makes us in awe, but several things I guess, she never gives up, even when there are hard moments, she finds a way and makes it work. She’s not a whiner, she’s a solution finder, and she just finds a way no matter what. The other thing that she probably doesn’t say publicly very much but is true, is that she balances motherhood with her career in a way that always makes us proud. We all know that’s a very hard thing to do, but she puts those girls and her family first while still managing to be as successful as she is.

Happy Birthday Shea!
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06 July 2020