living room with two white sofas and two boucle chairs

Our Five Design Love Languages | No. 03 Feel The Texture

A five-part series on how we express and receive design love. Part three, an ode to texture.

17 February 2023 -

An ode to texture—

—and the sensation of touch, a fundamental element of interior design. Because it’s much more than what your eyes can see. Employing texture in a space yields a multitude of positive results, from adding visual weight to creating a sense of movement and warmth. Texture can draw one’s eye into a room and then around it, at times giving the illusion that its larger or taller than it is.

In fabrics, a chunky boucle or a flax open-weave linen, can do wonders for introducing texture into a space, but don’t let your efforts end there. On a countertop, employ the soft edges and smooth ripples of a matte soapstone, and on the walls, the gentle flow of a plaster finish or a chalky limewash.

“When I’m designing a space, I love to think about how someone will feel when they’re inside the room. For me it’s beyond an emotional feeling, which is important, but I love to think about how the space will be when you physically run your hands across the items that are within it. A curly piled sherpa chair, a rough-hewn wood table, a bamboo bowl with its intricate woven patterns, these are all tangible elements within a space that add a bit of lived-in luxury and a level of visual appeal you can’t get with anything else.”

- Shea McGee

two gray curved lounge chairs with red velvet ottoman
stacked rattan boxes
boucle bed
paper cord headboard
teak wood chair with caning details and scalloped side table in living room
white boucle settee in living room
boucle chairs in living room
white leather ottoman
rattan dining chairs in dining room
travertine side table in living room
rattan baskets on shelf
black chair with woven seat and caning
coffee table with granite top and wooden legs
wooden stool with three turned legs
Date Posted
17 February 2023