nursery with patterned wallpaper, rug, and curtains

Our Five Design Love Languages | No. 02 Pattern on Pattern

A five-part series on how we express and receive design love. Part two, an ode to pattern.

10 February 2023 -

An ode to pattern—

—in all of its many wonderful forms. The Studio McGee aesthetic utilizes a muted palette. You won’t find a lot of saturated reds or sunburst yellows in the design of Shea McGee and her design team. What you will find, however, is a whole lot of pattern on pattern, using different shapes and forms to bring visual interest to the room. “Pulling off a plethora of patterns in one space can be tricky, but when it’s done right it makes such a dramatic statement,” explains Shea.

Patterns give energy to a space, a sense of movement, and helps to define the personality of the people which inhabit the home. It can be done by mixing stripes with florals, or layering big, bold florals with a small and delicate print. You can introduce it in curtains, through a throw pillow combination, or in a rug. There’s no end to how you can employ the benefits of pattern in your interior design.

“Pulling off a plethora of patterns in one space can be tricky, but when it’s done right it makes such a dramatic statement. What I love the most about pattern mixing is the fact that utilizing it in design goes far beyond upholstery. There’s a variety of mediums in which pattern is observed, from the veining of intricate marble, like Viola or Rosso Levanto, to the movement of the clay composition” in a terracotta platter or bowl.”

- Shea McGee

paper cord bed frame with white, gray, and striped pillows
morris & co green and peach floral wallpaper in bathroom
spring living room with white sofa and dining table with rattan dining chairs and apple still life
plaid patterned lounge chairs in living room with patterned rug
striped pillow, solid pillow, and floral pillow on sofa
patterned wallpaper with patterned curtains
floral pillow with striped pillow on sofa
floral wallpaper in office
floral wallpaper with patterned rug in office
floral pillow with gingham pillow on sofa
yellow floral wallpaper with leopard print quilt
pattern mixing pillows on sofa
Date Posted
10 February 2023