kitchen with natural wood cabinets and rattan oak counter stools

Our Five Design Love Languages | No. 05 One With Nature

A five-part series on how we express and receive design love. Part five, an ode to the earth.

03 March 2023 -

An ode to the earth—

—and all its inspired moments in interior design. When designing a space to feel like it’s one with nature, the key is employing a color palette that you would find in the outdoors, utilizing materials that are produced naturally, and layering in pieces with organic silhouettes and textures.

The vibe is warm and welcoming, it feels intentional and has the perfect mix of raw and refined. In the designs that Shea and the design team produce with Studio McGee, you’ll find a lot of nods to nature—a boucle chair or a round wooden object used for shelf styling. There will be primitive pieces paired with clean lines and an understated palette. We love the mixture of materials—think woods, stones, linens, jute, and rattan.

“There are countless studies proving that time in nature is healing for the soul. I love to incorporate this further into my designs by bringing the outdoors in whenever I can. Sometimes a design can be tricky—minimal natural light sources, a low ceiling, complicated layouts around a window, clients with lifestyles not conducive with keeping plants alive—but it’s always a priority of mine to bring as many natural elements into the space as possible. Sometimes this is simply through a ceramic vase or a wooden cabinet, but I’m a big advocate of the fact that having these organic materials in a room completes a design.”

- Shea McGee

dining nook with oval table black chairs and fireplace with nook filled with wood
stone box stacked on books on console table
boucle settee at the end of a bed
petrified wood circular objects in entryway
travertine console table in entryway
jute bathmat in bathroom with standing bathtub
plaster vases next to console table styled with baskets and artwork
travertine coffee table in living room
linen pillows and bedding on bed
boucle glider chairs in front of bed
round entryway table styled with tumble weed and greenery in vases
wooden cabinet in kitchen with rattan basket in front
kitchen with natural wood cabinets and rattan oak counter stools
stone bathtub next to stool with plant
bedroom with burl wood nightstands
living room with granite and wood coffee table
boucle chairs next to fireplace
burl wood nightstand next to bed
white marble coffee table
Date Posted
03 March 2023