bed with pillows and nightstands and artwork above

Our Five Design Love Languages | No. 04 A Calming Palette

A five-part series on how we express and receive design love. Part four, an ode to tranquility.

24 February 2023 -

An ode to tranquility—

—one of our favorites here at Studio McGee. Shea and the design team are known for their soothing palettes and relaxed interiors, a design aesthetic that does wonders for creating a tranquil and serene environment. Today, we tip our hats to a calming palette.

The house we come home to should be a respite, a place of safety and security, and above all else, a place where we want to spend our lives. According to a recent study done by the American Institute of Stress, upwards of 70% of the population reported that stress affects their physical and mental health. That’s a staggering number. While good design may not be the cure, crafting a home of intention, of relaxation and restoration, can certainly help. Here, a photo tour of some of our most serene spaces.

“Maybe it’s a minimal space with white walls and white or grey furnishings, or something more tonal with shades of brown, cream, or blue, but a calming color palette is one of the approaches I love to take with interior design. Cool colors, or colors of nature—browns, blues, greens—are commonly considered to be calming for obvious reasons, and I love that you can utilize them in “loud” ways but still end up with a room that elicits feelings of peace and serenity.”

- Shea McGee

leather weaved counter stool and counter with wood cabinet in background
lounge chair with lamp and stool
bed with pillows and settee in front with nightstands and artwork above
white console table with lamp, decor, and artwork
gray settee at dining table
wood lounge chair by fireplace
bathroom with wood cabinets and white bathtub
blue patterned rug with coffee table and white sofa
gray sectional sofa with round coffee table
paper cord bed frame with green nightstand
gray bed frame with wood nightstands
window nook with pillows and table
desk with mirror above and chair
kitchen with wooden cabinets and leather counter stools
round entryway table with two ottomans and rug
sofas and chairs around coffee table in front of fireplace
casual living area with gray sectional next to white kitchen
white kitchen with dark countertops and wood accents
canopy bed with bench at end of bed and circular light fixture
Date Posted
24 February 2023