Finishing Details for a Perfectly Styled Home

It’s more than furniture and a rug; here are the final touches needed to make a house feel like a home.

20 October 2022 -

We’re firm believers in the notion that it’s the little things that really count  

that belief is held for both life and interior design. We all know that a house can be beautiful but never feel like home, and while we’re obviously big proponents of stunning design, we also think the entire reason behind it in the first place is so that the client has a place where they feel comfortable and safe. It usually isn’t the large furniture pieces that make-or-break comfortability, but rather the small details that harken back to who inhabits the home and what they value. Here, our top three favorite finishing elements that help your home to feel styled in a way that reflects who you are and offers a comfortable landing place for you and the ones you love.   

01 Scent

One of the most prominent and lasting senses is the sensation of smell. It has the capability of establishing the vibe of your home—think a bright and airy summer morning versus a relaxing and cozy night in. Our collaboration, Pura x Studio McGee, is the perfect way to introduce scent into your home in a safe and convenient way—you can control it from your phone! The diffuser device is discreet and simple to swap out, meaning you can easily turn your home from sea salt and sunshine into organic and herbal.      

02 Greenery

Introducing freshly cut florals and greenery into your home is one of the quickest ways to make it feel lived in and loved. If you’re just starting out and not sure of the depth of your green thumb, first pick out some potted plants. Monstera and pothos are both easy to grow and beautiful; a good place for beginners. We know that making your own arrangement can be a tad intimidating as well, but we suggest starting with less fussy florals—like wildflowers and eucalyptus—and going for a more casual, organic look.  

03 Personal Objects

A good way for your house to feel like home is to layer in plenty of objects that are special to you or reflect your personality. These finishing touches help your décor feel customized, like it was made solely for its owner. Books that you enjoy, or even coffee table styling books, are a fantastic place to start because not only do they speak to your unique personality, but they make beautiful design accessories. Other ideas are objects collected during your travels or framed photos of loved ones. One of our favorite suggestions is to have objects, notes, menus from a special dinner, etc framed professionally. Art doesn’t have to be the cut-and-dry definition of art. Get creative in what can go in a frame.   

Date Posted
20 October 2022