Finding Your Design Style

Inspiration from the Studio McGee Archives.

05 June –

Finding Your Design Style
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Opening up the Studio McGee design archives to explore our signature aesthetic and how it can serve as inspiration for developing your own.

Developing your own design style can be tricky. Are you sleek and modern or laidback coastal? We define our signature design aesthetic as Modern Heritage, a mix of classic and contemporary. As this style takes on a unique forms from client to client, it’s always rooted in sophisticated silhouettes, natural materials, and the ability to stand the test of time. We hope sharing some of the key elements of these personalizations here will help you hone in on your own design aesthetic and create a space that is uniquely you. Here are a few projects from our Modern Heritage portfolio to get you inspired.


Modern Traditional

This take on our signature aesthetic is leaning hard into the art of the mix. Shea and the design team employ this tactic frequently, but our Houston Estate project is a shining example of mixing two styles inside one home.


Laidback Coastal

Our Hilltop Estate project is a great example of taking our signature aesthetic and adding a bit of a beachy flair to it. This California property was drenched in sunshine and the young family who lived inside of it wanted a space that felt relaxed yet refined.


Modern Farmhouse

Shea and the design team love taking our Modern Heritage aesthetic and adding elements that give it a farmhouse feel while retaining our signature style. Raw woods, muted color palettes, and laidback silhouettes are a great way to introduce a farmhouse flair.


Natural Aesthetic

Our Water’s Edge project is one that really showcases the power of natural materials. Throughout the home, the exterior stone is brought in to add loads of dimension and texture and organic materials like linen and leather are used to soften the space.


Contemporary Minimalist

Modern Heritage can be taken to a more contemporary direction. The key here is to introduce materials that are time-honored, not overly trendy, and are of good quality.

Layered Traditional

The McGee Home Refresh is a great example of how layers are an integral part of the Modern Heritage design style. See how Shea expertly weaves mixed metals, varying patterns, and a range of colors in one space.


Mountain Home

Being based in Utah, a lot of our clients come to us to design their mountain home. Shea and the design team have gotten so well versed on this unique style that Shea built and designed a spec home in a neighborhood adjacent Park City that is perfectly suited for its surroundings.

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05 June