Transition Into Fall With This Living Room Look

10 August 2022 -

Fall inspiration, at your service.  


Easing back in to a post-summer routine, you may crave cozying up in your living space for the season ahead. We designed our latest collection with Threshold for Target to achieve an effortless, fall-ready look through endless combinations. Mixing material elements is a simple way to create an autumnal mood in your home. This season, we’re layering rustic and glazed ceramics and textural details like boucle and burl wood to invite a cozy atmosphere to our spaces. Follow along as we walk you through the entire living area, and see the collection styled in action.  

“Design is all about playing with patterns, mixing textures and materials, and juxtaposing shapes to create a unique perspective that puts your individual look on display.”

– Shea McGee 

The Furniture 


In the living room, furniture is foundational in setting the tone. Graceful shapes, like the curve of these accent chairs, and inviting textures, as seen on the woven ottomans, will make this space as easy on the mind as it is on the eyes. 

The Lighting 

As natural evening light dims in autumn, we look to brighten the living room with a soft look. Whether illuminating a larger area with a floor lamp or creating ambiance with a table lamp, this collection offers elegant options to integrate into your space with ease.  

The Textiles 

If you ask us, a true fall feeling is all in the textiles. Texture, warmth, and calming palettes can all be introduced and intermingled in these pieces. The thought and attention that went into the pillow details, especially, add a unique charm to the lounging area. 

“When you're curating a pillow combination, incorporating a mix of textures is a foolproof way to make sure the look doesn't fall flat. Mix heathered boucle, raw edges, cotton, and subtle block prints to add a touch of personality to your space.”

– Shea McGee 

The Decor  

How you top off the living room with decor brings the whole space together. Organic, earthy glazes and geometric shapes play oh-so nicely with some of these larger-scale pieces across the mantle and shelves. The combinations could keep us entertained for days — and that they did! 

The Organization 

You don’t have to sacrifice style to add smart storage solutions to your space. Use baskets and boxes that double as decor to organize your living space and give everything a home. 

Date Posted
10 August 2022