Curating a Holiday Space with Our Target Collection

Shea’s favorite tips for a festive home.

17 November 2021 -

We’re getting ready to cozy up for the holidays…

and our new collection designed with Threshold for Target makes it easy to create a space that feels ready for all of the festivities that come with the season.

Curating a holiday space is all about adding layers that enhance your home, and we’re excited to share how we styled our collection with Target. Watch our webisode below and keep scrolling to read a few of Shea’s favorite tips for a seasonal home.

No. 1: Consider your color palette  

Considering your color palette is an important first step in creating a space that feels cohesive, even during the holidays! We designed our collection with Target with a warm color palette that boasts neutral, muted tones of classic holiday colors to seamlessly blend with the finishes of your home.

No. 2: Get creative with your greenery 

Greenery is always one of our favorite ways to bring a space to life, especially in cold winter months. We love playing with shapes and placements to create unique holiday moments, styling wreaths, trees, garlands, and arrangements in unexpected ways. 

"I love using greenery in unexpected places, like the top of a bookcase or hanging a wreath in a vignette."

Shea McGee

No. 3 Add layers of texture 

We’re of the mind that you can never have too many layers in the wintertime. We love adding cozy throw blankets and pillows to bring a sense of warmth to our spaces and encourage our guests to get comfortable.

No. 5: Plan your holiday tablescape 

Planning your holiday tablescape ahead of time can ease the stress of entertaining and last-minute store runs. A patterned tablecloth, napkins, serve ware, and accessories can bring any table look to life and create a celebratory feeling.

I love our green Stoneware Dinner plates we designed with Target. They are festive yet neutral, making holiday gatherings feel celebratory while easily transitioning into other seasons.

Shea McGee

Date Posted
17 November 2021