Creating a Moody Office Space

Featuring our Fall ‘22 Collection with Threshold for Target

09 September 2022 -

Where you’re the most productive should feel the most inspired.

Having a calming, cozy place to work can make all the difference in your daily headspace. (And a beautiful Zoom background is always a bonus!) Our Fall ‘22 Collection with Threshold for Target features textiles, decor, lighting, and furniture, all designed to complement each other and layer in with ease. Shea’s here to show us a few tips to put it all in action!

01 The Desk

In this desk moment, we added some interest with artwork on the wall and layered it with a couple of decor pieces in front. Lighting is a must-have, for both ambiance and your hardworking eyes. This streamlined desk lamp does just the trick.

02 The Seated Nook

The autumnal tones of the pillows and throws give this built-in bench a welcoming and cozy air. Whether your office has a sofa, settee, or lounger, a mix-and-matched textile look works well with any type of seating.

03 The Shelving

Giving your shelving a moody flavor is simple with the natural, organic textures and different wood tones in this collection. To add a bit of height and fill empty space, boxes are always our go-to to have on hand.

04 The Reading Corner

While this curved, bouclé club chair makes a statement on its own, we still wanted to fill out the vignette for a well-rounded look. To offset the chair’s lower height, we added vertical volume with a floor lamp, and accompanied it with the side table and throw pillow.

Date Posted
09 September 2022