Create Light & Airy Living Room Look
06/16 Design

Create Light & Airy Living Room Look

How we incorporated pieces from the latest collection in this living look.

We’re excited to revisit the living room of one of our past projects to style our latest Threshold designed with Studio McGee collection.

Despite shooting our collection in the middle of winter, we were still able to achieve that lighter and brighter summer look on one of the coldest days of the year in Utah. This room is the best example of the transformative power of a light color palette and materials within a space.  

We were going for that bright and airy vibe that comes with warmer days and achieved that look by incorporating natural and neutral textures and highlighting with the color in the textiles. 

“I was inspired by blue and white Delft tiles, so we turned that into a pillow textile pattern.”

- Shea McGee
Create Light & Airy Living Room Look
Create Light & Airy Living Room Look

While we can drop in all the shoppable links to this season’s pillows, we highly recommend running to Target to feel some of these textures in person. We designed these pillows to be driven with details like varied textures and beautiful embroidery — things that you just might miss online.  

Pillow pairing...

Textures and all the details.
Shop pillows
Printed Floral Square Throw Pillow Blue/Cream
Textured Asymmetric Striped Throw Pillow
Striped Jute Embroidered Square Throw Pillow Cream/Neutral
Woven Cotton Tufted Square Throw Pillow Cream
Woven Floral Square Throw Pillow Clay/Cream
Textured Striped Lumbar Throw Pillow Cream/Cognac
Oversized Cotton Woven Striped Square Throw Pillow

When styling a living room, we love to incorporate greenery at all levels and in different shapes.

In this space, we incorporated a tree in the corner for height, faux greenery in the built-ins for a low-maintenance look, and fresh cut stems in a vase on the coffee table. 

Create Light & Airy Living Room Look
Create Light & Airy Living Room Look

“Adding a throw behind the sofa creates visual interest while softening the look.”

- Shea McGee

Light and airy...

Shop the entire summer living room look.
Explore the collection here
Rialto Woven Barrel Back Chair with Cushion
16" x 12" Textural Pastel Abstract Framed Wall Canvas
Park City Handloom Broken Striped Rug Beige
Vivian Park Upholstered Sofa
Palmdale Woven Coffee Table Natural
Adjustable Brass Accent Table
Ogden Burled Wood Accent Table
36" x 26" Wooden Mantel Decorative Wall Mirror Natural
Ceramic Table Lamp with Rattan Shade White
Race Track Console Table Natural
14" x 11" Go For It Framed Wall Art Cream
Woodland Hills Wood Base Chair Light Gray
11" x 14" Vintage Floral Framed Wall Canvas

When you pick up and hold the décor pieces, you immediately feel a hefty weight to them.

This makes them come across as high end and definitely substantial. And while all of the pieces are worth swooning over, a few really stand out to me. The marble pieces feel elevated and chic. I wanted to start that last sentence with “for the price” but it didn’t need a qualifier — they feel expensive while being at an incredible price point. I especially love the glaze on the urn and the shape of it. It looks good alone, but it’s also an open mouth that can dramatically display florals or branches.  

Create Light & Airy Living Room Look
Create Light & Airy Living Room Look

All the small things...

We’re loving new additions to our collection.
Shop décor
Marble Taper Candle Holder
Leaf Arrangement
Faceted Marble Decorative Figurine
72" Artificial Ficus Tree 
7" x 2" Decorative Marble Arch Figurine White
Marble Disc Decorative Object 
5" x 3.5" Marble Stone Bookends Natural/White
Marble Links 
Cream Vintage Vase
4pk Marble Coasters
Washed Cream Vase
Large Checkered Resin Box
Colorblock Boucle Throw Blanket Cream/Cognac
Small Checkered Resin Box
6" Decorative Soapstone Puzzle Figurine Gray
6" Decorative Stone Wood Ball Natural
Decorative Sculptural Geometric Folded Bowl Cream
4" Decorative Stone Wood Ball Natural
Light Woven Magazine Holder
Light Woven Vase
Scalloped Bowl
Handled Vintage Vase 
Tall Brass Canister
Short Brass Canister
Rectangular Wicker Magazine Holder
Short Vintage Vase
Striped Gauze Throw Blanket 
Colored Glass Candle Pink
Medium Canister Canister with Lid Green
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