Create Light & Airy Living Room Look

How we incorporated pieces from the latest collection in this living look.

16 June 2022 -

We’re excited to revisit the living room of one of our past projects to style our latest Threshold designed with Studio McGee collection.

Despite shooting our collection in the middle of winter, we were still able to achieve that lighter and brighter summer look on one of the coldest days of the year in Utah. This room is the best example of the transformative power of a light color palette and materials within a space.  

We were going for that bright and airy vibe that comes with warmer days and achieved that look by incorporating natural and neutral textures and highlighting with the color in the textiles. 

“I was inspired by blue and white Delft tiles, so we turned that into a pillow textile pattern.”

- Shea McGee

While we can drop in all the shoppable links to this season’s pillows, we highly recommend running to Target to feel some of these textures in person. We designed these pillows to be driven with details like varied textures and beautiful embroidery — things that you just might miss online.  

When styling a living room, we love to incorporate greenery at all levels and in different shapes.

In this space, we incorporated a tree in the corner for height, faux greenery in the built-ins for a low-maintenance look, and fresh cut stems in a vase on the coffee table. 

“Adding a throw behind the sofa creates visual interest while softening the look.”

- Shea McGee

When you pick up and hold the décor pieces, you immediately feel a hefty weight to them.

This makes them come across as high end and definitely substantial. And while all of the pieces are worth swooning over, a few really stand out to me. The marble pieces feel elevated and chic. I wanted to start that last sentence with “for the price” but it didn’t need a qualifier — they feel expensive while being at an incredible price point. I especially love the glaze on the urn and the shape of it. It looks good alone, but it’s also an open mouth that can dramatically display florals or branches.  

Create Light & Airy Living Room Look

Date Posted
16 June 2022