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05 October 2020 -

We have quite the month ahead of us, and our team can hardly wait for all of the excitement October brings.

We have been so overwhelmed by all of the love and support we have received in the last few months, and we can hardly believe it’s almost time for these projects to come to fruition!

Today, we want to take a minute to thank our friends who have celebrated with us over the past weeks, and share a few more details about our Netflix show launching October 16th, and our book release on October 27th!

Here are a few of the shout-outs we’ve been feeling grateful for lately:


A sneak peak of a before and after from one of our show projects!


A sneak peak of a before and after from one of our show projects!

One of the hardest parts about keeping the Netflix series for so long (over a year!) was all of the great projects we worked on that we couldn’t reveal! We’re so excited to share some of the before + afters from the show and give you more details about each one soon, right here on the blog.

People Magazine

Syd & Shea behind the scenes!


Syd & Shea behind the scenes!

House Beautiful

Press From Our Show + Book


Syd doesn’t show his face around here too often, but in the show, you’ll get to see a lot more of his behind-the-scenes work and witty one-liners.

“It’s really fun to be able to share that dynamic between work and family, and you’ll get to see a lot more of that on the show.” – Shea McGee


In the works!


In the works!

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, or you want to watch it over and over like us, you can watch it here!

“There’s nothing more beautiful than taking a leap and devoting your life and your heart and your work to helping other people enjoy beauty in their own homes. We’ve all come to know and love and yearn for the Studio McGee look but hearing the humble “how’s” behind the empire is even more moving and motivating. This isn’t about just making your home beautiful—this is about making your LIFE beautiful. Shea and Syd are talented (obviously) but they’re also dreamers and supporters and risk-takers and pioneers and somehow, still completely down-to-earth. My heart is warm and I’m now taking notes on more than just mixing patterns.”

– Julia Marcum, Co-Founder of Chris Loves Julia, Good Influnce_r and Proper Tee

You can pre-order our book here!

“Make Life Beautiful” is raw, honest and motivating. A captivating read as Shea & Syd navigate us through the early days of their relationship, family and growing business. A form of a modern day romance success story. I enjoyed reading about their compelling journey that shaped their design empire we know as Studio McGee. Truly inspiring in every way.”

– Monika Hibbs, Founder and Creative Director of Monika Hibbs and author of Gather at Home

Date Posted
05 October 2020