Cabo Dos Vistas | Incoporapting a Sense of Locality

The design elements that bring a sense of place.

04 October 2023 –

Cabo Dos Vistas is our very first international design project, located on the thin slice of beach and ocean of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

The project presented Shea and the design team with the opportunity to incorporate a sense of locality like never before. Incorporating Cabo into Cabo Dos Vistas was a fun challenge, one met with many sourcing trips to local artisan shops and antique stores, and the knowledge that the best way to incorporate a sense of place into your home’s design is to let it take time. The best pieces are ones that are found and collected over time. Here are four ways Shea and the design team got their design clients started in incorporating Cabo into their Cabo home. Watch the webisode and a full design tour here.

No. 01

Over numerous sourcing trips, Shea and the design team gathered a collection of handmade pottery and sculptural pieces. The texture and movement these pieces provide are unparalleled in setting the mood for a space that reflects its surroundings. One of our favorite examples of this is on the exterior of the home where Shea and the design team used weathered wooden benches to house a collection of clay pottery that has patinaed with age.

See how the Organic Modern aesthetic was brought into the home here.

No. 02

Throughout the home, Shea and the design team brought in art pieces that speak to the color palette of the home and thus the landscape. One of our favorites is this painting at the end of a hallway connecting the communal spaces with the bedrooms. The painting, Dia De Mercado, is by Texas-based artist George Hallmark. He is known for his oil paintings depicting western life in Mexico and along the California coast.

No. 03

Mexico is rich in textile heritage, from the stripes and geometrics of serape (a traditional Mexican textile historically hand-woven and characterized by its colorful banded design) to the detailed embroidery of tenango (traditionally made by the Tenango de Doria communities in the state of Hidalgo). Many of the color-coded bedrooms (see a full tour of these spaces here) feature blankets and throws crafted in these time-honored prints and patterns.

No. 04

One of the challenges Shea and the design team faced was acquainting themselves with the local species of wood, which vary from what we’re used to in the U.S. These nightstands flanking the bed in the primary suite were inspired by mosaic tile and hand-carved by local artisans out of Rosa Morada wood.


Cabo Dos Vistas Project

Date Posted
04 October 2023