Behind the Scenes: Running a Business Together

Here's what we've learned:

21 October 2020 -

October has been an exciting month for team McGee, to say the least. Last week, we celebrated the launch of our Netflix show “Dream Home Makeover,” and next week, we launch our book “Make Life Beautiful”!

It’s hard to believe that these projects we’ve been working on for quite some time are finally coming to fruition, and it’s so rewarding to get to reflect on some of the lessons we’ve learned over the past five years.

Running a business as a couple comes with unique challenges, and in our book, we’re able to share more of the bumps along the road and how they have shaped us.

Today, we’re talking about how we approach balancing work and life as a team in our latest webisode.

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"Very early on, we took on an approach to working as a team. I've grown to appreciate and love that relationship so much as our workloads shift back and forth, and we are able to support each other."

Syd McGee

Watch our book trailer here. 

Date Posted
21 October 2020