A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Garden

Our tips and must-have supplies for first-time planning and planting.

23 May –

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Garden
A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Garden
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The days and hours of sunshine are getting longer which has us ready to start spending more time in the great outdoors. One of the best ways to enjoy the warmth is in the garden.

We’ve shared Shea’s gardening tips and the McGee garden must-haves in the past, and now we’re sharing the steps needed to get your own summer garden started. Spring is officially here, which means it’s the perfect time to start dreaming up ideas for your garden plot—there’s nothing better than making a salad with ingredients from your own backyard, or clipping fresh flowers for a dining table centerpiece.


Make a Plan

As you start to plan your garden, consider your space and how you will utilize it. How much space do you have and how much of that can be allotted to the garden? What sort of plants will you want—are you hoping to have a floral cutting garden, vegetables and herbs, or a little bit of both? Before you make the final selections on the seeds and plants you’d like to use, be sure to check your zone and the amount of light your garden will need. Once you’ve thought through these logistics, put your ideas to paper. Sketch out the measurements you need for a planting bed, or building a garden box, and measure out each plant and the amount of space they need to grow. Some can be planted close together, like zinnias, but other plants need more space and cages, such as peonies and tomatoes. Once the schematics are laid out, think about your soil—will you need topsoil brought in? Will the soil you have in your yard need amendments to ensure your plants get the nutrients they need? Taking the time to organize and prep the garden can feel daunting but taking it one step at a time will ensure your garden will produce all season long, and you can enjoy all the delicious and beautiful results of your hard work.


Tools & Supplies

A green thumb is thankfully not a required talent here, and so much can be learned along the way. Gardening is to a certain extent a game of trial and error. Sometimes you’ll research it thoroughly but it just doesn’t work out. Simple gardening tools will help ensure success; a small shovel, a watering can or hose, some gloves and you’re set. Of course, with all that time in the sun, a hat is a must, and we love an apron for its functional purpose. A fresh set of sharp clippers make picking your flowers, fruits, and vegetables a breeze and we love that these are as pretty as they are functional.


Pots & Accessories

Half the fun of a garden is the accessories that go along with it. Our woven basket/tray from the McGee & Co. outdoor collection is the perfect piece for bringing in all your cuttings or carrying your fresh vegetables from garden to grill. If you don’t have the space for a formal garden, you can plant in pots and sprinkle them around your yard. Pick a few of your favorite herbs and grow them by your kitchen window to bring the outdoors in and enjoy the scents in your home all season long.

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23 May