Bedroom Organization Q&A With Life in Jeneral

Clear space = clear mind

07 January 2020 -

It’s that time of year; the gyms are busier, the streets are quieter, and the produce sections are more crowded.

While we have mixed feelings about setting goals as soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, we do love the idea of a fresh start. This year, our teams are focusing on setting “intentions” rather than resolutions.

To begin with a clean slate, we’re focusing on tidying up and organizing our spaces this week. Yesterday, we talked about all things kitchen organization, and today we’re focusing on the bedroom!

Life in Jeneral, a professional organizing company, has been on our radar for a while now, and we were so excited when they agreed to collaborate with us on a Q&A!

Their mission statement is “Creating space to live life more joyfully,” and it’s needless to say that we agree with the idea that spaces impact moods significantly. There are few things more satisfying than an organized home, and we’re hoping to carry the intention of clearing our rooms and minds into 2020!

Here’s what Jen from Life in Jeneral had to say about organizing the bedroom:

Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk around editing or getting rid of items. How do you approach decluttering in your work, and how do you decide what to keep and what to let go?

Decluttering, or what we call purging, is a huge part of our process. It’s no longer about trying to have the most ‘it’ items or holding on to things for that ‘just in case’ moment; we want every single item to spark joy for our clients, and if it’s not doing that, then it’s time to go. Many clients can be sentimental about their things and we are very aware that parting with them can be an emotional process. We make sure to get to the root of what they’re holding on, and if it’s not serving them, fill that void with the excitement of how much better they will feel with that physical (and mental) space.

What are your favorite storage solutions for small bedrooms or bedrooms with minimal closet space?

We love storage solutions that work double time in small bedrooms and closets. Over-the-door organizers and stackable drawers can help our clients maximize on vertical space that is otherwise being wasted.

What are your top tips for avoiding clutter gathering in the closet?

A few tips to keep clutter from accumulating is to set a 3-4 month reminder on your phone to go through your closet and purge what is no longer being worn, or that may have been worn out. Make sure everything has a home and put your clothes and items back as soon as you’re finished wearing them. If you bring home something new, consider donating something old to make room.

Do you organize clothes by color or by category?

Both! Depending on client preference, we like to organize by category and then by color. It gives the space a cohesive, easy-on-the-eyes touch.

There always seems to be a few things that don’t have space. How do you organize miscellaneous items without creating a junk drawer?

Drawer dividers. We’ve given the junk drawer a glow-up by renaming it the joy drawer. By adding in drawer dividers, everything has a home, and when you open the drawer after making this adjustment, you can’t help but smile. You can label a divider ‘miscellaneous,’ and then it will always have a home.

What is the best way to fold clothes to keep them organized?

We’re big fans of file folding. It gives clothes structure and allows our clients to see everything they own, therefore helping them wear more of their own clothing and making it easier to shop their own closets rather than buying new things.

What McGee & Co. products Are on your wish list for organization?

The Leona Hutch for kitchen/dining room plate and glassware organization, Montay Porcelain Bath Accessories, the Rattan Wall Hanger, and the Bamboo Ladder Stick. Essentially, anything and everything – it’s so chic!

Date Posted
07 January 2020