How to Introduce Artwork Into Every Room

A few different places to hang your favorite pieces

04 January 2022 -

Well-placed artwork can completely transform your space… 

and it’s one of the best and simplest ways to add personality, color, or texture to any room. Whether you have your own artwork collection that you’ve collected over the years, are looking for the best place to hang your family photos, or want to refresh your walls with new pieces, sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to commit to that perfect spot! 

In this post, we’re sharing how we incorporate artwork in every part of the home, from the entryway to the mudroom. 

For more details on how to hang artwork correctly, check out our post here. 

From our Mountainside Retreat Project

Artwork in the entryway  

In the entryway, it’s all about creating a welcoming feeling to set the scene for the rest of your space. We love using artwork as a focal point above a console table or hanging alone to introduce our color or textural palette to a home. 

For tips on designing an entryway, read our step-by-step guide here.  

From our Pine Brook Home

Artwork in the great room  

The great room is a great place to incorporate statement pieces if you have a large blank wall, smaller, stacked pieces in a corner, or even framed pieces styled in a built-in. Although we don’t typically use large-scale family photos over the fireplace in our projects, we love using family photos in frames that feel a little more personal and can be easily switched out as the family grows over the years! 

From The Sunset House

Artwork in the kitchen + dining room  

Although it might seem counter-intuitive to style artwork in the kitchen and dining room, that’s what makes it so interesting and eye-catching! We love using vintage or vintage-inspired paintings, and still life pieces leaned on the counter or styled on a dining buffet or larger abstract pieces to fill a large wall space! 

From The Sunset House

From one of our McGee & Co. collections

Artwork in the bedroom 

In the bedroom, artwork can make a big impact when styled over a bed, on a dresser, or a nightstand. We love using two or three symmetrical pieces above a bed to create repetition and fill the space, smaller vintage-inspired pieces that add character, and large abstract pieces above a dresser to create a focal point! 

From our Beckham Project

Artwork in the bathroom  

The bathroom is another unexpected place to hang artwork, but it’s a great way to make a powder room or master bath feel intentional and curated. Plus, artwork in the bathroom can add instant personality, color, and texture! 

From one of our McGee & Co. collections

Artwork in the mudroom & laundry room 

We love incorporating artwork in utilitarian spaces like mudrooms and laundry rooms to soften the often hard lines of appliances and cabinetry and bring in some character. Lean a piece on your countertop, hang it above your cabinetry, or even above hooks for hanging coats. 

Date Posted
04 January 2022