An All-in-One Suite: A Netflix Deep Dive

29 August 2022 -

A growing family means growing needs. 


Episode 4 of Dream Home Makeover Season 3 introduced us to Michelle and Ross, who were looking for a home layout suited to comfortably accommodate their three-generation household. This webisode takes a closer look at how we remodeled their top floor to serve as a primary suite with a bathroom, desk, walk-in closet, and lounge area — allowing Michelle’s parents to move into the home and help with their new little one! 

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Countertops: Ann Sacks, Countertops: Caesarstone, Paint: Clare Paint, Closet: California Closets, Baseboards / T&G: Metrie, Studio McGee Decor Items: Target, Window Treatments: The Shade Store, Plumbing: Kohler / Kallista, Hardware: Rejuvenation, Lighting: Visual Comfort & Co. 

“We decided to knock down the wall between the two spaces, and when we did that, it opened up a world of opportunities.”

– Shea McGee

Before, the upstairs area had two separate guest bedrooms and a bathroom. By combining the two rooms into one, and stealing a few feet from the hallway, we were able to fashion bigger, more functional spaces. 

An All-in-One Suite: A Netflix Deep Dive

The aesthetic style is light, airy, and peppered with greenery, drawing inspiration from their Tulum wedding. Layout choices, like the use of the bay window, and design touches, like hanging pendant lights, helped blend that feel with the Spanish craftsman-style architecture of the home. 

An All-in-One Suite: A Netflix Deep Dive

The floor plan proved tricky, but we were able to separate the space into multiple zones: the sleeping area, the desk area, and the lounge area (which doubled as an attractive background for video calls!). 

To create a spa-style bathroom, we brought in a custom double vanity with quartz counters, limestone floors, and an extra-large mirror. Then for added luxury, we converted the standard tub to an elegant shower that tapped into Tulum-inspired textures. 

Next week brings us yet another inside look at a recent episode of Dream Home Makeover, so check back soon! 

Date Posted
29 August 2022

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