All of The Flooring Details In The McGee Home
09/02 The McGee Home

All of The Flooring Details In The McGee Home

Every source in one place!

Flooring is one of the most important parts of the design process,

and we love creating a flow throughout a project that feels dimensional but cohesive.

When it came to the choosing the flooring in The McGee Home, we were so excited to get the chance to use some of our favorite materials, and today, we are rounding up all of the details!

Keep scrolling for a list of our sources and an inside look into our design process.

The Hardwood

For the wood flooring in the home, we had lots of inspiration photos that had white oak in its natural state, and we knew the general look we wanted, but actually achieving that was a different story. We worked with Lemco Design, and they helped us achieve the vision.

They laid the floors in their raw state everywhere, and then we selected a stain color. After looking at a lot of different samples that didn’t feel quite right; they made us a custom formula that was just perfect. It’s exclusive to Lemco, and you can order it through them!

Then, we coated it with a matte protectant that has made our floors very durable, and we love that they don’t have a glossy finish to them and look really natural and organic.

Natural white oak with a custom stain by Lemco Design with a matte finish. (You can call them and order it!)

We carried our wood throughout the entire bottom floor, and in the office, we did an inset of a herringbone pattern. We love using herringbone in our projects because it adds so much character and creates some varied texture. Typically, like we did in this space, we like to add a border around the pattern to make it feel more finished.

Our custom Lemco wood laid out in a herringbone pattern.

The Carpet

In our kid’s rooms, we did low-pile carpet from Stanton and chose the style “Sumana,” in the color “Sand,” and we love that it’s low-pile but still so soft!

The Mudroom

Bone Rustic Cement Tile in a herringbone layout!

The Laundry Room

In this space, we did a rustic, grey limestone with a little bit wider grout to really show off the beautiful tumbled edges.  

The Guest Bathroom

In our guest bathroom, we wanted to change the scale from the tile on our walls, so we cut the Slate Tile on our floors down to four-by-four squares and laid them in a pattern with light grout.

The Master Bathroom

A minimal but impactful Calacata Stone Mosaic on our bathroom floor.

Ivy’s Bathroom

We wanted to switch it up in the girls’ bathrooms, and in Ivy’s room, we chose a Carrara Hexagon tile that we absolutely love!

Wren’s Bathroom

On Wren’s bathroom floor, we used the same material we did in Ivy’s, but in a Herringbone pattern!

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Studio McGee
  1. Your floors are gorgeous – all of them! It sounds like you had a good experience with Lemco. . .unfortunately, I have not. I’ve had a difficult time getting their salespeople to work with me. . .as in they won’t even call me back. Ever. It’s been the most bizarre thing. I’m just wanting a stair runner, so maybe my job is too small for them to want to bother with. Still, very disappointing.

  2. We are going to do so much of these floors in our new build going on right now! Perfect timing!
    Did you put a glaze over the cement tile in the mudroom? It looks so smooth!

  3. I love your kids bathrooms! Is it possible to see pictures of the showers you did in those bathrooms? And also do you have shopping info for the vanities? And your office door? We are updating so much in our home right now and that is all so amazing to see!!

  4. Could you share the actual brand or tile name for the Calacatta marble mosaic in the master bathroom? It is beautiful! Thank you for this source post!!

      1. What grout color do you use with this beautiful tile? I’ve seen it used in another project. It’s so beautiful! Thank you.

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