Adding Shades of Green to Your Design

A few ways to bring earthy-green tones into your space

17 March 2021 -

Although we love a neutral color palette, incorporating muted tones that speak to our projects or their surroundings is one of our favorite ways to bring a home to life.

Green is one of the easiest colors to incorporate in a pared-down design, especially because it often feels like a natural progression from the outdoors.

While it may seem risky to go for a green kitchen or even a moss-colored furniture piece, we’re here to argue that you might be surprised how seamlessly green earthy tones can blend into your space.

Here are a few ways to bring your home to life with shades of green:

Incorporating green-toned paint

Click here to see our full green paint guide with photo examples!

Adding green furniture pieces

Bringing in earthy-tones textiles

Layering in green decor

Date Posted
17 March 2021