Incorporating Curved Elements in Your Space

A few ways to soften your design

12 March 2021 -

When designing or styling any space, we’re always thinking about creating balance within each vignette. Whether it’s a balance of style, weight, or silhouette, each element incorporated shifts the overall look and feel of a room.

Often, we find many sharp, angular lines in the home – from the nature of kitchen cabinetry to the lines of windows and wall treatments. Adding curves to your design through architecture or simple, subtle details can bring the perfect contrast to soften a look and bring balance to your space.

Incorporating more curves in your space doesn’t have to mean adding an arched doorway; it can be as simple as layering in a shapely accent chair or adding softened pieces to your built-ins.

Here are a few ways to incorporate more curves into your design:

No. 1: Incorporating curves in architecture

There’s something about an arched entrance that makes an impression like nothing else. Whether it’s an entryway, hallway, or even door, we love the way curved architectural elements introduce a design and add instant character.

A repeating arch design from our California Traditional Project.

No. 2: Adding soft lines through seating

Never underestimate the power of a good curved seating piece! Rounded silhouettes in seating are a fool-proof way to soften a look and bring comfort and personality to your space.

Curved seating accents balancing harsh window lines from our Crestview project.

Rounded seating pieces from our Rye, NY project.

Curved seating accents from our Rye, NY project.

A curved sofa moment from The McGee Home Great Room.

No. 3: Bringing curved contrast to the kitchen

Because kitchen elements tend to bring sharp lines, adding curved stools or dining chairs can make all the difference. In more modern kitchens especially, we love bringing some shapely contrast with our seating.

Curved, textural seating bringing contrast to angular kitchen elements in our Midcentury Loft Netflix Remodel.

Rounded seating brining balance to The Crestview House.

No. 4: Layering in shapely decor

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. When styling our spaces with wall or accent decor, we use contrasting shapes to create a more dimensional look.

A rounded mirror and lamp brining shapely contrast to one of our favorite dressers from McGee & Co.

A rounded link object adding drama and curves to a coffee table look.

An arched floor mirror mimicking curved architecture.

A curved vase adding contrast to angular fireplace lines.

Rounded decorative objects balancing a built-in look.

Date Posted
12 March 2021