A Case for Non-White Kitchens

Why going bold is worth the risk

21 April 2021 -

While we love the look of a white kitchen…

taking a risk with a different color or material can bring so much dimension to a space.

Over the years of designing projects and working with clients, we’ve been lucky to incorporate some of our favorite non-white tones that not only make a visual impact but are just as timeless.

If you’re looking for non-white kitchen inspiration, keep scrolling to see a few of our favorites!

Dark & Moody Kitchens

Grays Harbor by Sherwin Williams from our SM Ranch House

A custom stain from The Crestview House

Wood Kitchens

White oak cabinetry from our Natural Wood Kitchen Remodel

Custom-stained wood cabinets from our Swan Lake House

White oak from our Avenues Modern Project

Green Kitchens

Caldwell Green by Benjamin Moore in our Cabin on The Lake Project

A custom color from our California Traditional Project

Light & Dark Kitchens

A custom color for our Cliffside Netflix Remodel

Black & white contrast from our Modern Mountain Home

Light & dark kitchen contrast in our Calabasas Remodel

Midnight Blue by Benjamin Moore in our Northridge Remodel

Date Posted
21 April 2021