How to Style Coffee Table Books

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01 October 2021 -

Coffee table books are one of our favorite ways to add personality to a space… 

and we use them in nearly every room. Not only do coffee table books provide inspiration, but they are a great way to add an element of height to any console, built-in, or on the coffee table. 

The possibilities are endless when styling coffee table books, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, keep scrolling to see a few of our favorite ways to make them shine. 

No.1: On the coffee table 

On the coffee table, we love incorporating books in unexpected ways to tell the story of the space and the people living in it. Try creating groupings of them in stacks to center a long rectangular table, using them to bring height to decorative objects, or even leaving them open to a page that speaks to you. 

From our Mountainside Retreat Project

No. 2: In built-ins 

Coffee table books are a great way to fill in built-in shelving; in fact, they are usually one of the first elements we start with! We love mixing up vertical and horizontal stacks to create a base of height or interest and layer them into corners that need filling out.  

From our PC Contemporary Project

No. 3: On the nightstand 

On the nightstand, stacked coffee table books are a great way to bring interest to a bottom shelf or, if you have enough space, next to a lamp with a candle on top to switch up the levels. 

From our Beckham Project

No. 4: On the entryway table 

An entryway is a perfect place to introduce your style that continues throughout the rest of the space, and expressional coffee table books are an easy way to showcase what you love. Naturally, we love design books but don’t shy away from incorporating books that bring attention to your interests or surroundings. 

From our 2021 Fall Collection at McGee & Co.

No. 5: In the kitchen  

While you may not think about styling books in the kitchen, it can be a great way to soften the space and make it feel more conversational. Style your favorite cookbooks on open shelving or use an easel to display one open to a recipe you love. 

See more of our 2021 Fall Collection here. 

No. 6: On a dresser 

Introduce an element of personality to your dresser with coffee table books by stacking them or styling them alone to elevate your essentials.  

From our Mountainside Retreat Project

No. 7: On a side table 

Coffee tables aren’t the only place you can style books in the living room. We love using coffee table books on side tables for easy flipping-through access or tucked under a candle or vase for added height. 

How to Style Coffee Table Books

Date Posted
01 October 2021