7 Cozy Great Room Looks
01/06 Living Room

7 Cozy Great Room Looks

Where we want to be all winter long...

A well-designed great room space invites you to settle in…

and when the temperatures drop and we’re spending more and more time cozying up in our homes, we find inspiration in gathering spaces that encourage sitting and staying awhile.

If you’re looking for inspiration to refresh your space for the new year, keep scrolling to see a few of our favorite cozy great room looks!

No. 1: The Crestview House Great Room  

The Crestview House staples

Versatile and textural pieces bring this character-filled remodel to life.
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Peyton Chair
Vernon Sofa
Rayan Table Lamp
Oversized Cotton Throw
Flint Pillow Cover
Brushed Charcoal Vase

Mountainside Retreat look

Relaxed & cool elements encourage gathering in this basement great room.
More great room pieces
Sivan Footed Bowl
Fletcher Pillow Cover
Malaga Vase
Evelyn Knitted Sweater Pillow Cover
Cross Hatch Object
Devin Desk Lamp
Wide Grid Box
Paper Mache Round Tray
Amie Wool Stripe Throw

Soft & settled great room pieces

Timeless and modern pieces add warmth and ease to this space.
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Pattinson Sofa
Astrid Fringe Stool
Gemma Chair
Conway Hand-Woven Rug
Travertine Side Table
Parker Coffee Table
Reta Arched Wall Mirror
Jensen Side Table
Nicole Table Lamp
Laurie Chair
Circus Floor Lamp
Masa Dining Table
Leather Handled Wood Ball Object
Metal Ring Object
Sandstone Beaded Strand
Shaped Marble Bookends (Set of 2)
White Shagreen Box
Secluded Shelter
Brass Plated Natural Beads
Natural Cement Planter (Set of 2)
Wood Ball Object
Rattan Bowls (Set of 3)
Landscape at Dawn
Langston Vase
Tiny Terri Accent Lamp
Brushed Charcoal Vase
Georgia O'Keeffe: Watercolors
Cy Twombly: Making Past Present
Architectural Digest at 100
Down To Earth
Houses: Atelier AM
Great Escapes Italy
Pacific Natural
Great Escapes Europe

The Chiu Family look

Mixed styles and tones add interest to this retreat-like great room.
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Yates Chair
Morrison Wood Base Sofa
Eileen Coffee Table
La Messina Patterned Rug
Quinn 2-Door Sideboard
Bordeaux Floral
Scratch Vase
Ackley Leather Ottoman
Prosecco Harvest Basket
Studio Floor Lamp
Amalie Cabinet
Hex Coasters (Set of 4)
Seagrass Catch-All Basket
Jute & Wood Garland
Amie Wool Stripe Throw
Dorian Pillow Cover

The Sunset House pieces

Neutral and textural elements set the tone for this beautiful & comfortable space.
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Walker Sofa
Edita Coffee Table
Cade Sofa
Yates Chair
Linked Wood Object
Travertine Stone Object
Burma Magazine Basket
Scratch Vase
Eagle Head Beach

Warm & layered great room look

Warm material elements and a mix of patterns draw the eye in this look.
Explore the look
Barden Sofa
Light of Summer
Orton Rug
Herrin Coffee Table
Youngman Console Table
Bennett Bench
Gannon Table Lamp
Alward Side Table
Alma Chair
Kiowa Floor Lamp
Tilly Chair
Dipped Vase
Wooden Chain Links
Rounded White Vase
Hollis Glass Vase
Candle Snuffer
Voyage et Cie 3-Wick Candle
Wick Trimmer
Elevated Paper Mache Bowl
Stoneware Abstract Movement Object
Rounded Stoneware Vase
Brookings Sand Stoneware Vase
Sherman Cashmere Throw
Leann Block Print Pillow Cover
Marla Block Print Pillow Cover
Johnna Woven Pillow Cover
Neil Wool Pillow Cover
Deyna Woven Pillow Cover
Pacific Natural
Down To Earth
Architectural Digest at 100

The Ramos Family staples

Playful & sophisticated pieces add personality to this modern remodel.
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Milo Jute & Cotton Rug
Lanston Chair
Jace Inset Circle Mirror
Cade Sofa
Mia Stool
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