5 Tips For Styling Your Home Office
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5 Tips For Styling Your Home Office

Elevate your productivity.

While it’s easy to let styling your home office become an afterthought, we’re of the mind that creating a workspace filled with personality and thoughtful details makes for more productive, energized days.

Whether you’re working from home full time or you simply want to designate a space for productivity, creating a distraction-free zone for your home office is easier said than done.

Here a few of our go-to tips for styling a home office with form and function:

Tip No. 1: Add personality with decor

A home office is a perfect place to showcase meaningful decor and add personality with pieces that speak to you. When we’re styling our projects, we love incorporating family photos, memorable objects, and small mementos to bring life into an office space.

5 Tips For Styling Your Home Office
5 Tips For Styling Your Home Office

Our decor favorites

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Brass Borderline Frame
Metal Easel
India Clay Pot
Grid Patterned Box

Tip No. 2: Bring in some greenery

One of our favorite ways to refresh a vignette with styling is by bringing the outdoors inside. It’s amazing how much of a big difference a small amount of greenery will make. If you’re still working on your green thumb, try a faux arrangement or planter to bring texture and tone to your space.

5 Tips For Styling Your Home Office
5 Tips For Styling Your Home Office

Faux plant friends

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Faux Paper Pot Fern
Faux White Lilac Stem
Faux Maiden Hair Drop-In

Tip No. 3: Layer coffee table books for inspiration

Our team loves flipping through our favorite coffee table books when we need a dose of inspiration, and styling them in a home office is a great way to add expression to your look.

5 Tips For Styling Your Home Office

Coffee table book picks

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Surf Shacks Vol. 2
Great Escapes Italy
Architectural Digest at 100

Tip No.4: Add lighting to illuminate your space

If you feel that your home office area is missing something, consider your surrounding lighting. Layered lighting goes a long way to set the mood for any space, especially in a home office. Try adding a task or table lamp to illuminate your work area and create a cozy environment.

5 Tips For Styling Your Home Office

Bright ideas welcome

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Tip No. 5: Incorporate energizing art

Finding artwork that speaks to you and brings inspiration is essential in styling an energizing office space. Whether it’s a large statement piece or a small layered expressional piece, adding artwork is the perfect way to add dimension to your home office.

5 Tips For Styling Your Home Office
5 Tips For Styling Your Home Office

Artwork we love

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Abstract 3
Foraged Wildflowers
Modif II
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