How to Style Pillows Using Color

19 July 2022 –

Not sure how to create a pillow vignette? Color is a great place to start!

How to Style Pillows Using Color
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When curating a pillow vignette, color is a great place to start. Refreshing your pillows is one of the most effortless ways to reinvigorate your space, but it can sometimes be a bit intimidating to make sure you have the right collection of pieces. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be!

We love creating a color story in our spaces through pillow vignettes and find that one of the easiest ways to develop this story is by homing in on a palette that feels expressive and timeless. With three simple tips for creating your own color story, you’ll be well on your way to curating a cohesive, inviting pillow vignette.  


Consider your current palette

When choosing colors for your pillow vignette, start with what you’ve already established — the palette of the room. Consider whether the room has light or dark tones, and identify the key colors used in the space.  

From here, focus on finding textiles that complement the overarching palette. You may find that you want more contrast, or alternatively that you hope to keep the room tonal. Whatever you choose, this establishes a foundation so you can search for pillow covers that enrich the color story of your space.  


Choose colors you love

With the palette of your space in mind, start considering what other colors (if any) you want to see included. Whether it’s a favorite color of yours, a hue that feels fitting for the season ahead, or just a desire for something different, don’t limit yourself. 

After selecting these colors, look for pared back, muted hues that feel timeless and neutral. From softly muted pinks and greens to rich, warm tones of red and blue, pillow covers have a way of expanding the palette of your space without speaking too loudly.  


Diversify your patterns

In telling a color story, your pillow covers can (and should) vary in their application of the palette you’ve chosen. This keeps things visually interesting, bringing a richly dimensional feel to the pillow vignette.

Incorporate a healthy mix of patterns and solids. We love choosing block printed pillows for their intricacies and character, pairing them with more simple patterns, solids, or textural pillows for a bit of contrast. Ultimately, using color as a starting point brings a refreshed perspective to your pillow vignettes, allowing you to highlight pieces of the palette you love most to strike the perfect balance with your pillows.

Date Posted
19 July 2022