5 Styling Moments From The Home on the Bay Project 

Breaking down a few of our favorite vignettes from our latest project

23 March 2022 -

We like to think of styling as the cherry on top of every design.

Adding the finishing touches is one of our favorite parts of the process. In our latest project, the Home on the Bay, we got to be a part of every step of bringing our client’s dream home to fruition — from designing from the ground up with Sausalito Construction and Holscher Architecture to adding the final accents to complete each vignette. 

Now that we’ve shared all of the spaces from this home, we’re excited to break down some of our favorite styling moments and why they work. 

If you missed the initial reveals, check out our webisodes here and the entire home in our portfolio here. 

No. 1: The entryway console moment 

In the entryway of this home, we had a large wall space for a console table next to the large black steel windows. We found this amazing 90″ console that filled the length of the wall space perfectly, and we knew we needed to ensure the scale of the styling was significant enough to fill the surface.

Although every console table is different, we typically style them with the same key ingredients — a large lamp (or two), a vase for greenery, and welcoming accents like artwork, books, or a candle. In this case, we included all of the above and added in a few extra elements to ensure the right amount of visual dimension. First, we grounded the bottom with vintage textural baskets allowing our clients to store shoes or other essential out-the-door items, and we love the function and dimension they bring.

"To style this console, we started with a huge mirror as a focal point, added balance with two lamps on each end, and brought in layers and levels to fill in the middle."

- Shea McGee

The large round mirror centering the console and the two identical lamps at either end gave us room for asymmetry in the middle pieces, and we added height through large live sculptural olive branches. A large vintage artwork piece on an easel, stacked books, and mixed decorative accents bring interest and welcome you into the space.

5 Styling Moments From The Home on the Bay Project 

No. 2: The main dining area 

Opposite the open concept great room area, this dining space is made for entertaining. The great room’s focal point— a black painted fireplace, mirrors the console table on the back wall behind the table, and we wanted to match the bold feeling with the styling pieces.

We started by stacking two of our favorite sketched artwork pieces to lean against the table and next layered a vase with burgundy florals, tying in the color used in the moody office nook.

"There were some great opportunities to lean into moody styling moments in this home, and I love how the bold accents contrast some of the light and bright finishes."

- Danielle Munz, Senior Stylist

Stacked books add an element of height and fill the middle space next to a ceramic bowl, and a bar set with metal hanging bar utensils creates an entertaining moment for our clients and their guests. Three vases fill the space on the dining table, adding height and visual interest.

No. 3: The primary bedroom built-in 

It’s not often that we have a built-in moment in a bedroom, but the primary suite in this home offered enough space to add a beautiful wood shelving in the corner to create a little reading nook for our clients to retreat to. In styling this space, we wanted to make sure it felt collected and thoughtful while still leaving open space to give each item room to breathe.

We played around with a mixture of our client’s personal decor and book collection and layered in a few ceramic vases, touches of greenery, and contrasting material elements.

No. 4: Great room styling moments 

In the living nook space, we layered in decor to lighten the woven and wood coffee table and tie the moments together. Staggered sculptural ceramic pieces, stacked boxes, artwork, and coffee table books bring this space to life, making it feel lived-in and collected.

On the coffee table, we created three sections to break up its circular shape. A large vase with greenery for height ground the look, and two separate stacks of books with different decorative objects fill the space.

No. 5: Linen closet in bathroom 

We love the look and feel of glass-front linen cabinets, but they can be tricky to style. It’s all about finding a balance between your functional items and a few decorative pieces that make it look intentional.

In this vignette, we started by grounding the look with stacked towels on the middle shelf and baskets for excess items on the bottom. Then, we layered a few decorative items on the two in-between shelves, including boxes for additional storage and jars and canisters for bath salts and other extras.

5 Styling Moments From The Home on the Bay Project 

Date Posted
23 March 2022