4 Tips for Making Your Ceilings Feel Taller

Draw the eye up

16 May 2022 -

The look and feel of tall ceilings can elevate a space like nothing else. 

However, the reality is that not every room or home comes with the luxury of tall ceilings, and sometimes you have to get creative with how you design your space to draw the eye up. If you are designing a space around lower ceilings and are looking for ways to create a grander, open feeling, here are a few ideas for making your ceilings feel taller without any major remodeling: 

No. 1: Don’t underestimate the power of wall treatments 

We love adding wall treatments to bring more dimension into a home, but they can actually make your ceilings feel taller when done intentionally. Using vertical T&G on the walls to draw the eye up can elongate the feeling of the wall and incorporating treatments like beams or T&G on the ceilings can also bring the visual focus to the ceilings, making them feel taller. 

From our Layered Coastal Netflix Bedroom Remodel

No. 2: Be intentional with your ceiling paint  

Depending on your goals for your space, the paint on your ceilings can make a big difference. If you paint the walls of a room dark, painting the ceiling white can create more light, but where you are willing to lean into the moodiness of a dark space, painting the ceiling the same color as the walls can bring a cozy, intimate feeling. 

From The McGee Home

From our Beckham Project

From our Cove Remodel

No. 3: Pay attention to the placement of your window treatments 

Window coverings can go a long way in making your ceilings feel taller. We opt for hanging curtain rods around 3-5 inches away from the ceiling. Although it may seem counter-intuitive to hang curtain rods far away from the top of your window, hanging window hardware closer to the ceiling can draw the eye up and create the illusion of taller ceilings. 

From The McGee Home

No. 4: Be aware of the scale of your light fixtures 

We love a statement light fixture, but we never want our lights to overpower the entire ceiling. When designing around a space with lower ceilings, sometimes a flush mount is a better option than a grandeur chandelier or light fixture with a chain. As a general rule of thumb, we don’t want our light fixtures to hang lower than 7 feet, so if you have 8-foot ceilings, choose something that doesn’t hang lower than a few inches! 

From our Historic Netflix Kitchen Remodel

From our Rye, NY Project

From our SM Ranch House

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16 May 2022