4 Simple Tips For Mixing Lighting

Our secrets for mixing and matching lighting in one space.

16 March 2021 -

Lighting is one of the most significant elements in any design, and it’s one of the first things we select when we start working on a project.

We love mixing and matching our lighting to create a dimensional look, but when choosing different light fixtures for one room or an open-concept space, it can be hard to know where to start.

When done right, lighting can add so much personality and character to a home, and after selecting hundreds of light fixture combinations for our clients, we’ve learned a few things about how to simplify the process.

In this post, we’re breaking down some of our favorite tips for mixing your lighting like a pro.

Here are 4 simple tips for mixing lighting:

Tip No. 1: Find a common thread

While it’s tempting to choose repeating lighting fixtures for your entire home or space, we’ve found that too much of the same can result in a design falling flat and feeling a little too cookie-cutter.

One of the best ways to make a design feel elevated and more custom is by mixing lighting pieces. However, even when you’re mixing lighting, finding a common thread among your pieces makes creating a cohesive feeling much easier.

A common thread can be a finish, a style, a shape, or anything that pulls your different selections together. Here are a few examples from our projects:

Mixing and matching with gold finished lighting in our Pine Brook Home.

Mixing streamlined-metal lighting in our Beckham Project.

Tip No. 2: Balance scale

When mixing lighting, it’s important to consider how each selection’s scale will play off of the other within your design.

We love using lighting as an opportunity to create a focal point by incorporating a large statement piece, but typically, selecting pared-down pieces for the other lighting in the same space or visual plane is ideal for allowing your focal point to do the talking.

Balancing scale in our Sunset House kitchen space.

Tip No. 3: Layer for dimension

Adding different lighting types to one space takes a design up a notch and brings an instant feeling of thoughtfulness and dimension.

Think about adding moments with your lighting to illuminate different vignettes or corners throughout your space through picture lights, sconces, and even floor and ceiling lamps.

Incorporating multiple lighting types also allows you to introduce styles, textures, and tones to layer into your furnishings on top.

Mixing pendants and scones in our Northridge Remodel.

Modern lighting layering in our Swan Lake House.

Tip No. 4: Don’t be afraid of contrast

Too many “rules” in design can ruin the fun, and when it comes to mixing lighting, there are countless ways to do it right.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing styles, finishes, and shapes to bring your space to life. If you’re unsure of what will work together, find pieces that speak to you and look at images of them side-by-side while envisioning them in your space, you might be surprised what you come up with!

Contrasting lighting in our Rye, NY Project.

Mixing lighting in our Sunset House office & dining room.

Mixing lighting finishes in the McGee Home Master Bath & Closet.

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Date Posted
16 March 2021