3 Ways to Elevate Your Bath Space

Simple ways to create a luxurious feel

28 July 2021 -

If there is any space that too often gets overlooked, it’s the bath space… 

and although it might not be the most centric area in your home, it’s likely one of the most used. Whether it’s a full master bathroom or a powder room, it doesn’t take a lot to elevate the experience for yourself and your guests. In fact, the simpler, the better.  

When styling homes for our clients to get them move-in ready, we like to stick to the essentials: pretty + functional pieces designed to function well and look good while they’re at it.  

Here are three simple ways to elevate your bath space:

No. 1: Elevate your materials  

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the most significant difference, and when it comes to the simple luxuries in life, good linens and materials are at the top of our favorites list. Investing in good towelsbathmats, and shower curtains can impact the design of your space, but most importantly, the experience of being in the space every day.

From The Crestview House

No. 2: Add pretty storage pieces  

Adding functionality to your bathroom space is a great way to not only simplify your routine but also to fill your styling. We love adding a bench to the side of a tub or shower with pretty items we regularly use like bath brushes, candles, or washcloths. 

Utilizing trays, boxes, baskets, and jars for necessities is also a great way to display your things more thoughtfully. 

From our Cove Remodel

3 Ways to Elevate Your Bath Space

No. 3: Ignite your senses  

Adding elevated soaps & fragrances can do a lot for creating an experience in your bathroom space. We love corralling a matching set of soap and hand lotion on a pretty tray and styling a candle to complete a bathroom sink look. 

From our PC Contemporary Project

3 Ways to Elevate Your Bath Space

Date Posted
28 July 2021