The Sunday 7
09/21 The Sunday 7

The Sunday 7

Bring on the sweaters and fall colors!

1. Did you catch our latest webisode? Trust me, it’s worth ten minutes of your time! You can also see the before/after pics HERE.

Photo by:  Ryan Garvin

Photo by: Ryan Garvin

2. We have more of this project to come! Here’s a peek:

3. We celebrated Studio McGee’s sixth birthday and Syd’s 36th birthday this past week!

4. We shared the video tour of our backyard earlier this week! It was fun to have the whole family in this webisode to invite you into what is easily the happiest part of our home. It’s funny because people often ask me what my favorite part of our home is and I know they’re expecting an answer involving the interior of our home, but my answer is always the same…our backyard! We’ll be sharing the photo tour soon! My dresses are both sold out, but I’ve linked both of the hats from the video below (and a new one I’m eyeing). Janessa’s hats are so flattering and I wear them constantly.

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

5. We filmed our beautiful backyard one day before we tore it all up to start the pool! They poured the gunite a week ago and it’s starting to take shape! We’ve received a lot of questions about the pool and specifically the size. The pool will be 20x40’ with a 6x9’ hot tub.

We’re also finishing our basement at the same time in hopes we can have all construction done at the same time to be wrapped up by Christmas (wishful thinking)!

Oh, and I’m also trying to decorate my studio above the garage. It’s fair to say I love a good project.

6. Temps started dropping in Utah this week. Time to build up the sweater wardrobe…the tie-dye was a big hit on Instagram this week!

7. Went for a drive to see all the leaves changing in the mountains by our home. Now I’m ready to fill our porch with mums and pumpkins!!! Who’s with me? ;)

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Studio McGee
  1. Your home interiors are stunning!! We are building. So I was curious about what kind of door stop do you use?One you mount on the baseboard, or a floor mount? Also do you use wood floor registers for your air flow or do you use another kind of material registers when using wood floors? Thank you!

  2. I love your recommendations on clothing so much! Do you ever consider the sources of the clothing though? I’ve really had to reconsider every purchase- fast fashion is such a major polluter and wondering your thoughts on this when purchasing new clothing.

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