The Sunday 7: Two Big Previews in One Week!

A preview of our Fall collection with Target and a huge remodel we just installed!

24 August 2020 -

1. First and foremost, today we announced our newest collection for Target will launch online September 13!

There are so many new pieces, a cozy color palette, and great textures that I hope you’ll love as much as I do. You can preview the collection and heart your faves HERE.

2. Stoked and also trying not to panic that our yard is a disaster right now because they started digging for our pool this week!

First, they had to re-route our sprinkler system and then trench the entire side of our house to bring the utilities to the pool area. I will be honest that although I thought I was prepared for the mess, I wasn’t fully prepared for how much damage would be done in the process. One of our A/C units is currently strapped to the side of the house with a truck tie down to keep it from falling into a pit (insert nervous laugh here). I know it will be worth it though! You can see the rough outline of the pool – it’s 20×40 and then there will be a raised hot tub centered on the back, so the kids can use that as a place to jump from over to the deep end (that was our compromise since I didn’t want a diving board)!

3. Since all I wear is workout gear, I got a lot of questions about this tank when I posted a story in it the other day.

4. THIS is my new favorite sports bra.

It does all the things I need and has a really cute elastic band around the back.

5. I have years and years of red acne marks on my face and for once I’m seeing them begin to fade with these Alpha Beta Peel Pads.

Plus, they make my skin feel baby soft.

6. I flew to Southern California for a couple of days this week to install a remodel we’ve been working on for quite some time with our team.

We worked with Eric Olsen and Dagan Design and Construction on this project and it’s drop-dead gorgeous! So gratifying to see the final result. Do yourself a favor and check out the Crestview Project highlight on our IG profile to see behind the scenes. I can’t wait to share the professional photos, but for now I’ll share a pretty iphone shot edited with our SM Presets!

7. More to come!


Date Posted
24 August 2020