The Sunday 7: Sneak Peek of our Upcoming Project
08/02 The Sunday 7

The Sunday 7: Sneak Peek of our Upcoming Project

It’s been a while! Happy Sunday!

I’m going to keep this week’s post short and sweet!

1. We road-tripped to California for a short family getaway recently and it was just what we needed. My hat is an awesome packable hat that I’ve smashed into suitcases for a couple of years now, but my dress is old!

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

2. Here are the other dresses I’ve been wearing on repeat! I swore off pants this summer ;)

3. We recently installed a huge home we can’t share until next year, but I can give you this sneak peek of the mudroom! I edited this iphone shot with our SM presets! Shop the pendants here.


4. We have another install in two weeks for this beautiful home we’ve been working on with Eric Olsen and Dagan Design.

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

5. These hats make my workout clothes look a lot cuter when I end up wearing them all day long.

6. Just ordered my third bottle of this perfume. I can’t quit it.

7. I can’t believe these sandals are under $20. They’re gorgeous!

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Studio McGee
  1. I’m so happy you restarted the Sunday 7! It’s my favorite blog post. I always love seeing your recs and design inspo. Thank you!

  2. Hi Shea… Ilove everything you do, and thank you for sharing all of your helpful info…. I love the straw hat you were wearing in this photo… I know it’s from a couple of years ago… is it the Janessa Leone’s Adriana? Also, I love the Target/ McGee line and I was wondering if you were going to have more of those limestone knot figurines in stores; I live in MA & have a summer home in Nantucket and that would be a great addition to my decor…thank you!!!
    Nan Barry
    nanb [email protected]

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