The Sunday 7
06/28 The Sunday 7

The Sunday 7

This week is all about my favorite cup, install sneak peeks, Ivy’s room reveal, and trying new things.

1. Last August we started a secret project that has dominated much of my time and attention. This week we will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and we’ll be able to share what we’ve been working on in just a couple short months!!!!!!!!!! We’ve had lots of installs lately and here are a couple snippets (all of these iphone shots were edited with our SM Presets!):


2. These creams transport me straight to the beach:

3. If you’ve ever met me, chances are I had my HUGE Stanley Cup close by. I never go anywhere without it! They’ve been sold out for months and they’re officially back in stock in new colors:

4. We shared Ivy’s room tour this week on the blog this past week and you can check out the video and photo tour here.

Photo by: Lucy Call

Photo by: Lucy Call

5. My favorite, don’t have to suck your stomach in $19 summer dress, is back in a new print!


6. I started taking tennis lessons recently! I had never touched a racquet in my life. It’s been fun and also humbling to try something new and be terrible at it while looking around at kids 20 years younger than me slamming the ball with ease. Feels good to get out of my comfort zone and do an activity that is for fun instead of the usual exercise as punishment for my body. I’m also in it for the cute skirts ;)

7. We received tons of messages about the shirt I was wearing in this week’s webisode. That exact print is sold out, but the plaid is super cute! Plus, it’s only 17.49!!! Xo-S

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Studio McGee
  1. I also just started taking tennis. Very humbling learning a new sport as an adult. But tennis is so fun. I also love that skirt!!

  2. Please share where you purchased the lovely floral blouse you wore for your daughter’s bedroom video tour.

  3. I’m in the process of a kitchen reno, and those backplash tiles in photo #3!!! Can you share the source?

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