The Sunday 7

For the love of being a homebody.

27 April 2020 -

1. Finishing this post minutes before midnight still counts, right?

The weather was a perfect seventy-five and sunny today and I spent all afternoon in the kitchen, and the rest of the day in our backyard. I am a homebody and work these past few years has not lent itself to that lifestyle — I am loving this slower time. I love cooking and working in our yard and feeling less anxious about having to be going somewhere all the time. There are also things I miss — people, creative projects, and casually strolling through a grocery store. It has made me think more carefully about how I want to live my life once things are back to normal.

2. This week was a huge milestone because we turned in the first manuscript for our book, Make Life Beautiful, which will be released this fall.

Writing a book about our journey these past few years was challenging, but also more emotional than I anticipated. We have so many stories and I’m truly so excited to share them with you all. We shot the cover right on the other side of this dutch door:

Photo by: Lucy Call

3. Getting so much use out of all our small kitchen appliances these days.

From air fryers to panini makers, here are a few of our favorites. I just purchased the shaved ice machine and I think the girls are going to have a blast with it (myself included).

4. We shared our living room tour this week!

You can see the video HERE. And the photo tour HERE.

Photo: Lucy Call

5. As soon as spring hits, I live in skirts and dresses to stay cool.

6. These woven flats are a tried and true favorite —

and they’re on sale with an extra 40% off right now:

7. We are launching something fun on Tuesday that we’ve never done before —

it’s something we’ve been working on for months to get just right. Stay tuned!


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27 April 2020