The Sunday 7: Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday is a little quieter this year.

12 April 2020 -

1. This Easter Sunday I am more grateful than ever for a message of joy and triumph.

It has been strange to not open our doors and invite family over today, but this mama was determined to put everyone in spring colors for at least an hour. Hearing our girls squeal as they opened their baskets and ran through the backyard collecting eggs has been my brightest morning in weeks.

2. I’ve been exclusively wearing sweatshirts and pearl earrings during quarantine.

Works great for those zoom meetings, you know? Here’s what’s in my sweatshirt rotation:

3. And pearls:

4. Our book manuscript is due in a week, so I’ve been spending all day every day writing my little heart out.

Being forced to hunker down at home has allowed me to focus more than previously possible — and it has also been an extremely emotional process. As we have been collecting stories and reliving the ups and downs of our journey, I have been felt so much hope in seeing that every dark time has been followed by light.

5. We are having a 20% OFF DECOR SALE and there are so many great pieces!!!

Many of them I have styled in our own home. Speaking of which, we’ll be sharing a new webisode this coming week! Here’s a hint:

Photo by: Lucy Call

6. Have you seen our newest coloring page?

I’m having so much fun seeing your tags on Instagram.

7. I’ve been dreaming about having a garden for years and this weekend we started planting veggies and flowers!

We had raised boxes built when we moved in last year, but then the freeze came, so I’ve been looking at the empty beds for months, anxiously anticipating the warmer months. The girls helped me and I love these little lettuces more than you’ll ever know. Excited for growth and new beginnings.

Happy Easter!


Date Posted
12 April 2020