The Sunday 7: Top Sale Picks and Balancing Rough and Smooth Textures
03/09 The Sunday 7

The Sunday 7: Top Sale Picks and Balancing Rough and Smooth Textures

Sharing my top picks from the Shopbop and J.Crew sales as well as a few favorite examples of mixing rough and smooth textures together.

1. The biggest news of my week: we finally started sharing our home tour starting with our exterior! You can see the video and photo tour here.

Photo by: Lucy Call

Photo by: Lucy Call

2. Two big sales happening today! It’s the last day of the SHOPBOP SALE:

3. And 40% off your purchase today a J.Crew!

4. Love the textures and vintage/modern mix in this ranch home bathroom:

5. Spheres are my favorite decorative objects to style with lately. They’re smooth and simple but look very chic wherever they go. These travertine ones are heavy-duty and the stone veining is exquisite. This wood option is lighter weight but has a similar effect with a killer price point!


6. ICYMI we did an update of our favorite white paints recently! Some have stayed the same since our first post years ago, but a few have been updated. Definitely one to bookmark.

7. The last night we were in Maui I really wanted to get a family pic, so of course, everyone groaned about getting dressed (I almost gave up at one point) but I’m so glad I stuck it out and that a kind stranger offered to take our photo! Reality hit us HARD this week. ***My dress is sold out in the floral, but I love this color too!